Protesters have been in front of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents home every night now for weeks protesting that Caylee’s mom, Casey Anthony was set free on bail and allowed to stay at home without telling what happened to little Caylee. They have been damaging grass areas, starting fights, and generally making a scene in front of the Anthony home only to have the courts yet still turn down their plea to end this.

It seems now that the Anthony’s are going to need to have more protection against the protesters but the question is who exactly will be paying for this extra protection. When off duty officers are sent in somewhere to protect someone they are normally paid with taxpayer’s money. I don’t see this making life easy for the Anthony’s or the protesters. The sheriff, the county and all the legal teams involved in this case are trying to come up with the best solution here.

Commissioner Linda Stewart said she still has some concern even though Casey left her house this morning when the neighborhood was quiet with no protesters around. “Because of the significant disruption to the lives of the neighbors, I am still concerned about the safety and well being of the entire neighborhood.”

Putting the off duty officers outside the Anthony home at the taxpayers expense is touchy ground. “I have concerns because we don’t do that in any other section of the county and we’ve had to put people out there to calm things down,” said Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary. “I’m hoping we get some court relief. Right now that does not look like it’s going to happen. It’s being denied, denied, and denied.”

The other options for an answer to this problem other than placing off duty officers there are:  Doing nothing and waiting for a court-ordered injunction, or putting a designated protest area in place, or implementing a curfew. Another choice could be that the county could decide to put a new county ordinance in place that would not only protect the neighborhood where the Anthony’s are but others as well.

There is a question out there as to how come the Homeowners Association doesn’t pay for the extra protection from the off duty officers. Fox 35’s Shannon Butler has been asking the Homeowners Association’s attorney why that is not currently an option but he has not returned his calls. Cindy and George Anthony’s attorney, Mark Nejame is working with them on the plans of how to handle this situation also.

I say make the Anthony’s pay for it, if not for all then perhaps some of it at least. If any one else needed protection such as this then they would normally be responsible for footing the bill for it themselves. Why should the Anthony’s get protection at the taxpayer’s expense when it is their daughter that is causing all this commotion by not talking?

When approached about the investigation concerning finding Caylee, Sheriff Beary said they are waiting for a few pieces of evidence to come back from the FBI. He says this sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight. He says they are being careful right now because they want to make sure they don’t make any mistakes since they just might end up having to work a homicide case without a body.

Jan Barrett

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