caylee.jpgIn June of 2008 a precious little 2 year old girl named Caylee Marie Anthony lost her life at the hands of someone else. Most of the world believes that although she was acquitted of the murder, that Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony is the one that killed her Now that the murder trial is all over and the panel of jurors found Casey not guilty, there some of then saying now that if they had it to do again they would not have voted her not guilty. They also said that they voted her not guilty but they never said she was innocent.

The acquittal caused a major outburst from the public. Casey Anthony has even been voted as the number one most hated person in the world. Since Casey’s release from jail, she has gone into hiding. Since ordered to serve probation for the check fraud charges her defense attorney’s claim her life is in danger so she receives special treatment while she is on probation. That really seems so unfair to others serving probation on the terms given.

We all know it is just a matter of time before Casey cashes in with the highest bidder to tell her story, which I seriously doubt will be the truth. Honestly who would believe her story now, after all the lies she has told?

caylee_anthony.jpgWe hear that Dr. Phil has had George and Cindy Anthony as a guest for his season opener show for an interview claiming he has asked harsh questions that they were honest about when answering. Once again why should anyone believe their story now after all the lies they have told? I guess they are going to tell everyone that they knew Casey was guilty but they knew she was sick and the only way she could get help was if she was found not guilty so they lied so she could get the help she needed. Of course in order for Dr. Phil to score this interview he had to make a donation to the new Caylee’s Fund that the Anthony’s were forming and he claims that the Anthony’s would not profit from the donation. How dumb does Dr. Phil think the people are? If he thinks people will fall for that one, he is the one that needs to go get help because he is crazy.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is supposedly writing a book about the murder trial which is suppose to be available on Amazon at the end of November of this year.

I heard this morning that private investigator, Dominic Casey is also writing a book. He claims he has been contacted by several publishers. He said the book could clarify many questions that people may have. My question is, if he knows answers from the case, why the heck didn’t he tell them in court before Anthony was acquitted?

caylee-a.jpgEveryone wants to cash in. But during all this talk, where does Caylee fit in, other than the fact that she was murdered? Where is the part where someone is telling about Caylee’s short life? She was on earth for almost three years, how come we don’t hear about that? How come we don’t hear about books, or movies or interviews in her memory? How come none of it is dedicated to Caylee? And I am not talking about Caylee’s Fund or Kid Finder’s… I am talking about something like someone making a donation to well established organizations such as Missing and Exploited Children or any other organizations that the Anthony’s are clearly not associated with? If their intent was truly to get donations to help find other children that are missing, then why does it strictly have to be to an organization with their name on it as the owners or admins?

I think people should ignore all these books and interviews unless 100% of the proceeds go to a legitimate organization. The thought of anyone profiting off of poor Caylee now makes me sick. It is wrong and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Caylee Marie, there are still a lot of people in this world that remember you. We remember what a beautiful child you was and even though most of us never knew you before you was murdered we still have a bond with you. We all prayed for justice for you and we are sorry that you didn’t get what you deserved but at least you are in heaven with Jesus and all the other little children and we know you are happy there. God bless you Caylee. The world will never forget you!

Jan Barrett

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