Doctors in China are working around the clock to save the life of an unfortunate abandoned baby that was left outside the front entrance of the children’s hospital in central China’s Hunan Province. Left only with a note that says that the baby was born on November 9th, the baby was born with a very rare birth defect called sirenomelia, or “mermaid syndrome”, which causes the baby to be born with both legs attached to each other from thigh to heel. Normally the defect is fatal within a few days of births but doctors, who have decided to foot the cost of medical expenses themselves, are working to save this baby.

The baby faces an uphill battle. Ultrasonic testing has revealed that the baby is a boy but it was born without kidneys or a urinary tract, the reproductive organs are underdeveloped, the heart is not functioning properly, the alimentary tract is deformed and its intestines obstructed. Doctors are aiming to fix the internal issues through surgery before they attempt to separate the legs from each other.

There are only two cases in the world of babies born with this defect surviving past the first few days which are a girl in the United States who is now 17 and a young girl in Peru who is now 2. The defect occurs in 1 out of every 70,000 births. Zhu Yimin, president of the hospital, said “The operations will be complicated and risky, but we’ll try our best.”

Doctors try to save ‘mermaid’ baby (Hina News)

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