There has been an endless number of great lampoon’s of Sean Spicer. With little doubt SNL have done much to boost Spicer’s role in the Trump administration.

Spicey alas has to tell the press what the boss has to say, truth rarely gets in the way.

My  daughter is an inventive girl and sent me these splendid pictures. Now everyone can have their own Spicey. There are plans for a Kellyanne Conway garden gnome but there seem to be some issues with Nutcracker copyrights.

So, how can you make your own ‘Spicey’? The answer is yes. All it takes is a stick, some plastic cardboard, a picture of ‘Spicey’, some glue, and you are all set.

Step 1. Print out a picture of Spicey.

Step 2. Using scissors, trim it

Step 3. Trim some plastic cardboard to the same size

Step 4. Glue Spicey to the cardboard

Step 5. Glue on the stick

Step 6. Plant in your garden

The results are wonderful, stick one in your garden

Or make a bunch

These are not yet for sale, but I think the logo is going to be… Add some Spicey to your garden



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