As a young boy my mother used the somewhat unscientific argument that I needed to eat my carrots, ‘Rabbits love them, and when was the last time you saw a rabbit wearing glasses or contacts‘?

It is a convincing argument, and one that I used on my two children when they were small. In retrospect it was obviously a bad move. My daughter has taken it to new levels. Laura is convinced that her two Shiba Inu’s have optic issues. I know that someone is going to ask, what is a Shiba Inu? Well it is the smallest of six breeds that call Japan home.

I feel partially responsible for the embarrassment that Barley and Kuma have to deal with. When Laura was young, pre tats, piercings and shrapnel, she grew up with two very large Akita’s (the largest of the Japanese breeds). They were easy going in their temperaments, but I think it is unlikely that even they would have put up with Laura’s ideas about dog fashions.

OK, back to the optic problem. I will let you all decide…..

Bright sunlight is a big issue for anyones eyes, Kuma wears sunglasses.


Both Barley and Kuma also have needs for indoor glasses..



I for one have to admire my daughter for her clear love of ensuring that Barley and Kuma receive nothing but the best eye care!

I have offered Laura a vacation to join us in the deep south, maybe I should ask Barley and Kuma instead, they look like the ones that need a break 🙂

Simon Barrett

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