I have decided that they do. My daughter has two dogs, Barley and Kuma. They are well natured and easy going little critters. Laura (daughter) of course can not leave the little things alone. There is little doubt that were it not for the hair, she would have them covered in tats! I am one of the few fathers that can boast that my daughter has a large tat of Johnny Cash on her leg!

Laura is a good person, this is just as well, because the police would have to rework the computer system for the ‘identifying’ marks. If it is pierce-able, it has been pierced. This is a young lady that has more shrapnel in her than any war vet. How she makes it through the metal detectors when flying is a mystery, in fact I am surprised that she does not get charged extra for the iron she wears. Today the airlines seem to have a charge for almost everything else. Checked bags, carry on bags, headphones, pillows, blankets, the list goes on and on!

Oops, I have digressed.

I am back to the question, do dogs laugh?

I think this picture answers that question.


Kuma is clearly on the verge of falling over in laughter, while poor Barley is puting on a brave face. In fact I am betting that Barley is saying under his breath “laugh now, your turn will come.”

You have to love it!

Simon Barrett

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