I am a former truck driver, so my perspective on this is maybe against the grain.

Pennsylvania Department of Enviromental Protection is trying to get a anti-idling law past that will limit the time that drivers are legally allowed to idle non-moving trucks.  There are laws in other states already on the books. (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia, so all the surrounding states except Ohio.)

I am of the opinion that these laws do little or no change to whether or not the trucks really do this illegal idling or not.  There is no other incentives to not idle a truck as this is how you regulate the temperatures inside the vehicle.  The vehicle in which the drivers live.

This law to me is essentially like telling homeowners to turn off there furnaces for X hours a day in the coldest of winter because it has ran for to long or turn off AC in summer because you can sleep without it.

Yes, there is an issue with exhaust and air pollution, I will not deny this and there numbers are probably correct.  I am off the opinion that there needs to be more incentive and positive reasoning to turn off trucks, like maybe having tax incentives for truck stops that offer plug-in’s that will keep the heat and AC working in their temporary visitors vehicles or even tax incentives for the drivers themselves that buy those battery power generators that use less fuel to heat and cool there trucks.  These things are very expensive.

The original semi-opposite opinionated story is here on Penn Live.


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