Steven Spielberg is doing for the Democrats what they can’t do for themselves: make Iraq an issue after the fact. An agreement seems to be in place for how long American troops will be on the ground, major combat is over, and the government has made big strides. For most people, it would be hard to say that Iraq continues to be the kind of issue that it was, politically speaking, even a year ago.

But Spielberg is bringing a military story, complete with photogenic vets and stirring music, Tom Hanks voice and truly, honestly touching stories about vets. With the tools of his trade, Spielberg is trying to claim national security issues and the military for the Democrats.Which is impressive given that since neither Obama nor Biden (if memory serves–and I’ll need to check this later) has military service.What I both like and loathe about Spielberg is this: he is unashamedly manipulative of our emotions. He plays every card in the filmmaker’s deck to drag tears from us, and he does it effectively.

I’m not sure I’m saying that in a really positive way.

Time to take a walk…

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