is reporting this morning that the DNA test results on the hair samples and the stain found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car have shown that the adorable little 3 year old Caylee Anthony is indeed dead.

 These results came in Thursday morning, the day after air sample tests results came in proving that there had indeed been a decomposing body inside the trunk of the car causing the odor that Casey’s own Mother described as smelling like a dead body. Cadaver dogs picked up the same scent as did the tow truck driver that moved the car and turned it over to Casey’s father, George Anthony.

Caylee has captured the hearts of mothers, fathers and grandparents across the world when she was reported missing since mid- June. The thing that made this case so wide spread throughout the media is the fact that her mother, Casey Anthony, didn’t report Caylee missing until a month later. She claimed she was conducting her own search for her daughter.

Police arrested Casey and charged her with child neglect and lying to investigators after they discovered she had been lying to them about practically everything she told detectives during their investigation while trying to locate Caylee. Casey insisted all along that she dropped her daughter off with her nanny on June 9 and when she later returned to pick her up no one was home and later on when she tried calling the nanny’s cell phone number, it had been disconnected.

Casey was held in jail under a $500,000 bond which her parents had a problem coming up with the money to get her out. They kept saying Casey needed to be out of jail so she could help search for Caylee. There were so many conflicting stories out of the Anthony’s that my conclusion is that not only is Casey Anthony a habitual liar but her parents seem to be the same way. At least they have been since their granddaughter came up missing.

With the help of Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, went to Orlando and arranged to have Casey bailed out of jail under the assumption that Casey would talk to him to try and find her daughter. When she was first released he announced that he was going to give her a few days with her family before speaking with her. Then it was apparent that Casey had no intentions of talking to Padilla. In my opinion she and her attorney both used Padilla getting him there to bail her out and then they threw him to the wolves, so to speak. Leonard is left there to protect Casey when she goes on her visits with her attorney, and anywhere else she gets permission to go. It must be nice to have your own limousine service with bodyguards too. I would like to know how someone considered being “a person of interest” in a possible homicide case rates this kind of service.

A few days ago a 400 plus page report was released involving details of the case to the public causing an outcry nationwide. Leonard Padilla was a guest on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show and he admitted that if he had read these documents before going to Orlando he never would have gotten involved. He says he truly believed that Caylee was alive with someone that Casey handed her over to and that he would be able to find out from Casey who had her and he was going to get her back. Now he has changed his mind saying that he now thinks Caylee is dead. On the Nancy Grace show last night he said it was possible that they would revoke Casey’s bond and she would have to go back to jail. He said the decision wasn’t his call to make though, it was for his nephew Tony to make.

This morning apparently Padilla told WFTV that he has started the process of having the bond revoked He is determining how to proceed and he hopes to begin the process today or tomorrow. He is claiming that since the news of the DNA results broke he has received several death threats against Casey so he feels that she will be safer in jail now.

Daralene Jones, WFTV reporter, asked Cindy Anthony, Thursday, “Cindy did you want to say anything about the new developments?” Cindy responded, “There is no new development.”  “They’re saying now Caylee is dead,” said Jones. “No, they came and talked to me yesterday. Get the hell off my property,” said Cindy.

Casey is meeting with her attorney this morning after a last minute request made last night for permission to go. She arrived in the black vehicle motorcade and she was escorted inside with her wearing yet another T-shirt displaying Caylee’s picture. According to CNN Headline news Jose Baez has made a statement that the State’s Attorney’s Office has not made them an official offer for any limited immunity. Others report that it has been offered but it comes with a time limit.

We will be following the case daily and we will try to keep everyone informed the best we can with the newest developments as they come in. In the meantime my prayers are still with Caylee whether it be here on earth or with the angels in heaven that are protecting her.

Jan Barrett

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