According to CNN’s Headlines News and, a hair sample taken from 22-year-old Casey Anthony’s car, reveals that it came from Casey’s missing 3-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, and shows signs of decomposition. This comes just one day after the results of an air sample taken from the car, revealed that a decomposing body had been stored in the trunk.

Casey AnthonyCaylee AnthonyThe young Florida mother made headlines earlier this summer when she didn’t report her daughter missing for more than a month. By most accounts, Caylee has been missing since June 15.

Or June 6, 7, 9, or 24 – depending on which story Casey is using.

The girl was eventually reported as missing on July 15.

The little girl’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony, was actually the one who made a frantic phone call to 911 after she realized her granddaughter had been missing. Since that time, Casey has not cooperated with investigators, even after spending about a month in jail. According to Casey, she knows who has her child but can’t say in order to protect the little girl. Time and time again Casey has said that she could help in the search for her child if they would release her from jail.

Last week, her chance to save her daughter came when she was released from the Orange County jail after famous bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla flew to Florida from California, to bond her out. Padilla said he believed he would be able to work with Casey and find her daughter within a week. But it didn’t take long for Leonard Padilla to regret his decision, telling various news outlets that Casey was not cooperating with him either and that she hasn’t even mentioned her daughter since being released from jail. Now, according to The Orlando Sentinel, her bond is being revoked and she will be sent back to jail.

She shouldn’t have been let out to begin with.

Casey has proven that she can’t be trusted. Before going to jail, Casey lied again and again to investigators. She took investigators to Universal Studios, saying that she was taking them to her office, but on the way through the lot to her so-called “office” she told the investigators that she didn’t actually work there. She has claimed that Caylee was with a babysitter and took investigators to the sitter’s apartment complex, but the apartment the sitter supposedly lived in had been vacant for months. I can only wonder how Casey Anthony could even afford childcare if she didn’t even have a job – although she did have enough time and money to party during her child’s disappearance, as shown in recent photographs.

Casey's parentsI also wonder about her parents, particularly her mother, Cindy Anthony, who could be the poster child for denial. In Cindy Anthony’s 911 call, she frantically says that her daughter’s car smells like a dead body, only to tell the media later on that it was a rotting pizza that was causing the smell. Casey’s father is a former cop, so I assume he must realize things are not adding up.

Then again, nobody in this family seems to make much sense.

I once sympathized with Casey’s parents, but now, I can’t help but wonder how much they really know.

Meanwhile, I didn’t care for Padilla at all, thinking he was just getting involved for the publicity, but after hearing him speak on Nancy Grace and other news outlets, I feel that publicity or not, he truly believed at one point that Caylee was alive and he could help find her. I can hear the frustration in his voice and I see how annoyed he is at Casey. I feel more for him than I do the Anthony’s (except for Caylee, of course).

On her MySpace page, just 7 days before her daughter was finally reported as missing, Casey Anthony wrote a poem that read, “What is given, can be taken away. Everyone lies. Everyone dies.”

Something is not right in the neighborhood.

Casey appears to be a self-absorbed spoiled brat. Cindy Anthony reportedly told a friend that her daughter was a sociopath. She may defend her daughter in public, but what’s going on behind closed doors may be another story.

While bonding her out of jail was a bad move, sending Casey back to jail is the right thing to do. Unfortunately though, it may not be enough to get her to talk. According to WFTV, prosecutors are willing to discuss granting limited immunity to Casey in order to get her to reveal the whereabouts of her daughter. Whether or not the offer is going to be given, let alone taken, remains to be seen, but the fact remains that for now, a little 3-year-old girl is out there somewhere, and she needs to be brought back home where she belongs.

I can only hope that somewhere along the way, Casey will find a heart and finally show some love for someone other than herself.

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