Today the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday. This observance of Divine Mercy Sunday initiated in the papacy of John-Paul II is a great opportunity for Catholic to celebrate the mystic visionary apparitions of Jesus revealed to Saint Faustina. The feast is also a unique opportunity for all of the worlds Catholics to recognize the intense power of faith and Eucharistic conversion God offers to the entire world as we ponder this revelational image illustrated by Saint Faustina.

Pope Benedict said, “Mercy is in reality the core of the Gospel message; it is the name of God himself, the face with which he reveals himself in the Old Testament and fully in Jesus Christ, the incarnation of creative and redemptive Love.”

Pope Benedict clearly wants the collective Church to recognize the important devotional and spiritual dimensions associated with this celebration for modern Catholics. In his message to the faithful gathered at Castle Gandolfo, the papal summer residence the message of Divine Mercy indicated as a critical component to the revelational nature of God in both the Old and the New Testaments.

Catholics should especially recognize the special significance of Divine Mercy in the Incarnation, and how that activity still affects the world today as a continued indication of God’s presence among us.

In speaking about today’s feast, Benedict also mentions the ministry of John Paul II as one that recognized and proclaimed the Incarnation message of God’s love to the entire world. John Paul II was an Apostle of Divine Mercy and the Church called to spread the same message. The continuation of the message of Saint Faustina by Pope Benedict clearly felt by the Church in his evolving message of global love and universal harmony, which is also a result of the continued message of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Catholics throughout the world today are praying in their parish communities the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which proclaims the Catholic desire for peace and global unity through the recognition of the power of universal prayer and acknowledgement of God’s continued mercy on the global community.

Today as the Church continues to spread the message of Christ’s love and His message, as believers we need to develop and understand the unfolding messages of God’s plan as revealed through Saint Faustina. John-Paul’s apostolic ministry and Pope Benedict’s both offer the world a message of mercy and peace as the Divine plan envisioned by God through Jesus Christ and His Church.

Let’s hope and pray together as a faithfully developing and emerging Catholic Church that the message of Divine Mercy takes root in not only the Catholic world, but with all of the world’s peoples that seek to know and understand God’s mysterious plan of salvation for us all.

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