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Disturbia- Movie Review

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“A look in the right direction”
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Title: Disturbia
I love it when you go in to a movie with no expectations, hoping only for a fun ride, and get exactly that. I was worried about the new thriller Disturbia. The trailer made it seem like a complete Rear Window rip-off. The other concern was that it would be another MTV production, idiot romp, or as my wife called it, “Harold and Kumar see a killer”. But gladly it was a decent, edge of your seat thriller with likable characters and just enough humor to offset the predictable suspense.
Disturbia is cross generational in that the cast is young and hip but the story is well done enough that it isn’t your typical teen slasher. Kale (Shia LaBeouf) is spending his high school summer vacation on house arrest due to his run in with the law. He has a leg bracelet that alerts the fuzz whenever he tries to go on the lamb. When he decides to fill the tedious hours spying on his suburban neighbors he gets the feeling that one guy (David Morse) is up to no good. So along with his best friend (Aaron Yoo) and their new hottie neighbor (Sarah Roemer) they start a full on surveillance.
LaBeouf is consistently proving himself to be a strong Hollywood up and comer. He has a dark intensity about him that floats just below his gentle, boy next door demeanor. He is serious and you can tell he takes his roles seriously. I wish George Lucas would have put off his latest Star Wars additions until now as Shia would have been an awesome Anakin Skywalker. David Morse is equally as perfect as the brooding “is he a killer or isn’t he” character. The exterior charm and school boy traits could easily be a mask of something more sinister. I also think it is worth noting that though typical, suburban teens, the three main characters have depth to them. They struggle with the options before them and are not the mindless, perverse adolescence that Hollywood normally brandishes.
Disturbia is Rated PG-13 on appeal for sequences of terror and violence, and some sensuality. Again I love the decision not to make it a dumb down, make-out teeny bopper slasher flick but instead create witty, young adults who can have fun, make decisions and speak in complete sentences. Sure they are full of teenaged angst and hormones but it isn’t what drives the movie, simply makes it more realistic. Well, as realistic as psycho thrillers can be. I give it 3.5 out of 5 spy cams. A Rear Window for a new generation? Not sure about that, but definitely a look in the right direction. With a look at Disturbia, I’m Matt Mungle
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