I was happy when the Pope addressed the UN on Human Rights.

In various places where I’ve worked, I’ve run into human rights issues, from sterilizing Native American women, to lots of money for  “pill ladies” in African villages without running water, to displacing people from farms lands designated for a certain race, to allowing out of work farmers to “donate” kidneys, to witnessing government corruption, to knowing those killed for political reasons.

Usually the local priests and bishops were right out there fighting for justice for those whose voices were ignored by the powerful. Yes, the pastors were out there too, but when it comes to the third world, the Catholic church is the “800 pound gorilla” that you know you can’t ignore.

But in the US, when the pope talks about “human rights”, some people have a one track mind: Abortion.

So it is not surprising that Senator Barbara Boxer opposed a Senate Resolution welcoming and praising Pope Benedict XVI until a sentence was removed.  Yet the original resolution was not partisan: It was sponsored by Senators Brownback (R KA) and Casey (D PA).

Politico’s TheCryptBlog has the original resolution PDF is here;

The offending words? GetReligionBlog compared the original with the new and improved version, (PDF here) and found what had been removed:

Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has been a clear and courageous voice for the voiceless, working tirelessly for the recognition of human dignity and religious freedom across the globe;

Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out for the weak and vulnerable, witnessing to the value of each and every human life;…

Nah, can’t have all that stuff about “the value of each and every human life” in there. It might remind people about the A word (abortion).

I also should note that there was a bit about allowing religious expressions on public buildings that was also removed. I presume the Liberty Bell is political too, but never mind.What is interesting (and disturbing) to me is how the far left supporters of Senator Obama are showing their anti Catholic bigotry. (and yes, bigotry is indeed the only word I can think of).

So The Daily Kos took time off from bashing Senator Clinton to call the Pope a “pedophile enabler“. But what does this have to do with the subject? But of course, the Daily Kos is full of essays calling the Pope a Nazi LINK  LINK2  or an idiot LINK3

Nor is the Hillary-hating Huffington Post much better LINK.

What does all this mean?

Well, for one thing, that a exaggerating lady like Hillary who has associated with Catholics for the last 30 years is a better choice than a candidate who preached sweetness and light while pretending not to know that his supporters are busy ridiculing 70 million Catholics.

Now, a lot of people do talk outlandishly in blogs, but often it is clear that they are talking about folks they don’t know.

After all, there just aren’t many small town conservative hillbillies with guns who live on the Upper West Side or in San Francisco. But there are a lot of Catholics who live there., and I presume these writers know people who are Catholic. Heck, even Mr. Obama’s next door neighbor is Catholic?

There are a lot of Chicago Catholics who might not agree with the Pope on everything  but might be a tad angry at the blatant Anti Catholic bigotry in the blogs that essentially manufactured the Obama candidacy.

Mrs. Clinton knows this, and was the first one to release a statement welcoming Benedict: an excerpt:

We are blessed to receive a visit from His Holiness, Pope Benedict, to the United States this week. Not only is he the spiritual leader of America’s great Catholic community, he is a strong and effective voice for the cause of peace, freedom and justice as well as the fight against poverty and disease…. I hope that his message about economic justice and global development will get an appropriate hearing both in our country and in the government.

Full statement HERE.

In contrast, the only place I googled Obama’s statement was on the BostonComBlog

The only MSM report was on the UKTIMES:

Yesterday, he followed Mrs Clinton with his own statement, saying: “The theme of Pope Benedict’s journey, ‘Christ Our Hope’, offers comfort and grace as well as a challenge to all faith communities to put our faith into action for the common good…

Ah, yes. Peace and hope.  Stay above the fray and let Dr. Dean smear McCain because Tom Tancredo (R CO) criticized the Pope for defending immigrants.

Ah yes, Doctor Dean, take one comment out of context by a Senator who doesn’t much like McCain either while your candidate conveniently ignores repeated hate speech and anti Catholic bigotry on the blogs that are essentially his base.

Reminds me of the quip by that sardonic Jewish Carpenter: “why pay attention to the splinter in your brother’s eye when there is a 4×4 in your own eye”.

But of course one doubts those effete bigots on the Huffington Post or the daily Kos know what a 4×4 is…


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about human rights on Makaipa Blog

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