I got a nasty surprise this morning. I switched on my TV and set the dial to Channel 200, CNN was AWOL, my initial thought was DISH had relocated the channel to some other location. However having waded through the 1000 channels that I never watch it was clear that both CNN and HLN were missing.

The next place I looked for information was the Dish TV web site. This site serves no practical use whatsoever. It is one huge ad for some gizmo called a Hopper. It also shows the monthly rates for the various packages it offers, $29, $39 and $49. This information did little to improve my rapidly bad temper. How come I pay $100 a month and have no movie channels and no ‘Hopper’? Plus the fact that every time it rains the damn service stops working?

A google news search revealed the issue. Dish TV and Time Warner are having a tiff. So Dish TV have removed 7 properties from their line up, including CNN and HLN. What I find unacceptable is that it is the subscriber that is being hurt. We pay through the nose for a service that quite frankly only works in fair weather and now they start dropping channels.

The good news is I can access CNN online, and as I have two monitors I can watch and still work.

I guess I am now on the hunt for a new TV service provider.

Simon Barrett

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