I am experiencing shades of déjà vu. In 2012 I dumped cable TV, a thousand channels of nothing but a hefty monthly bill. My wife suggested that DirecTV might be a better choice. I frankly didn’t care, my TV viewing is pretty much an hour or so of CNN in the morning and some documentary on the History Channel or Discovery at night. As long as I had access to what is less than a dozen channels that I frequent, I could not care less about  who the provider of the service was. What I did care about though was the damn price!

Somehow the $29 a month price kept increasing, before long the bill was $100. The straw that broke the camels back was that every time it rained the service went out. This provoked me to write an article http://www.bloggernews.net/128753

DirecTV were right on the issue, it is amazing what having Google News accreditation does. Some lunatic working in the PR department spotted my article failed to read it, and made the career killing decision to publish it on DirecTV’s internal network! Within hours I was knee deep in emails and phone calls. The VP of being nice to people dispatched a tech team to fix the problem. To soften the blow of the problem, he gave me a one year monthly discount of $10.

The price still kept jumping upwards. It was time to try something else. Our next move was Dish TV. I must give them credit, the physical installation was a great deal better than DirecTV. Dish at least did get all four rooms wired, as opposed to DirecTV who basically did nada and left me a roll of coax and a bunch of connectors.

The net result though is the same, if it rains all bets are off. I must confess that it was with some humor that I listened to my wife gripe, she was missing her favorite soap opera. I was in the middle of an editing mission, but knew that within seconds I could be watching CNN live online.

Is this the future of TV? Rabbit Ears gave way to cable, cable in some ways has given way to satellite, and all technologies are now bowing down to the internet.

I remember a quote from a LeCarre book, “odd really, we used to be such a classy bunch”. That quote could be used to describe all of the technologies in play. The old rabbit ears were a classy bunch, cable was a classy bunch, and certainly the old internet was a classy bunch. Today the rules have changed. Cable has about as much class as a rotting fish, Small satellite technology only works in fair weather, and the internet is a swamp full of predators eager to steal your personal information.

I have no answers. But maybe I have found a workaround for the Dish TV issue.


Simon Barrett

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