Back in October Dish TV managed to cut off 7 channels from Turner broadcasting, among then CNN and HLN. I was a pretty unhappy customer. You can find my rant here. Three days after the article things went from bad to worse, Dish TV had also pulled the online feed. I was furious.

It was time for a ‘Letter to the editor’. In my eyes Dish had broken the terms of the contract, I frankly don’t care who I get TV from as long it has the very few channels I watch. The grumpy letter resulted in a $5 a month reduction in the bill for 6 months. I was seething, I was spitting bullets, and I was still paying $95 for stuff I could not care less about.

The latest Dish TV v Customer debacle is Fox News. Now I must admit that in my opinion this is not a huge loss, maybe akin to losing QVC or the Home Shopping Network, however, Fox News is a valuable resource to many people. Yes, Fox is right wing, some people even view it as a lobbyist group for the GOP. There is nothing wrong with that, it balances out the very left wing MSNBC and the all Putin Russian channel RT.

I think that is important to have diversity in news coverage. You get to view stories through different eyes. It has long been said that there are three versions of every situation. There is mine, there is yours, and there is the truth which lays somewhere in the middle. Dish TV has removed a viewpoint.

I am not extolling the joys of Fox News, far from it, but I like a balance. Maybe I will growl at Dish TV again, maybe they will give me another $5 off the bill for another 6 months.

One thing is clear, when my contract with Dish TV is done (8 months) I will be changing the service provider. Dish TV is a fair weather provider in more than one way.

I suggest that the next channel they pick a fight with should be the Weather Channel. You don’t need it with Dish TV. As soon as the rain starts the satellite signal goes away. I am sure that one of these days they will figure out a new monthly fee for this feature, the weather alert tax?

The good news is that Dish TV is a small player in the TV service provider world with around 14 million subscribers. If we assume that 1/3 lean left, 1/3 lean right and 1/3 could not give a damn, less than 5 million subscribers have been affected by the loss of Fox News.

Simon Barrett

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