In an absolutely stunning news announcement from E-News the NBC show “Law and Order” is promoting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments.  What is worse they are justifying it.  This is completely over the TOP!

Read this disgusting excerpt:

Damaging misinformation is being conveyed about Israel not just in news stories, but in popular culture items as well, such as Oprah and Vogue magazine, and now a popular NBC police drama. A “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” television episode that aired Tuesday, February 27, 2007, fosters negative stereotypes of Jews as disloyal Americans and Israelis as brutes who demolish Palestinian schools and kill innocent civilians. During this time of escalating anti-Semitism and anti-Israel animus, the show’s executives have shown extremely poor judgment to promote such an anti-Jewish, anti-Israel storyline.  (emphasis mine)True, it is only a fictional TV show, but because the “Law and Order” series (of which there are numerous variations) is advertised as having plots “ripped from the headlines,” some viewers may not realize the program is pure fiction. TV executives obviously have the right to air an offensive episode presenting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment. But rights are generally tempered by individuals acting responsibly and weighing the real-life consequences of their actions. It’s time for NBC to consider the impact of its dramatic characterizations that denigrate Jews and Israel.

And these are the highlights of what is being depicted and presented in the showTHEIR FATWA’S:

[1] Israeli bulldozers destroy Palestinian schools.

[2] A Jewish police captain (Danny Ross) covers up for Israel at the urging of the pro-Israel pac (political action committee). The captain’s friend, the director of the pac, is portrayed as an agent of Israel and possibly involved in spy activities.

[3] Detective Logan challenges his superior, Ross: “… are you a Jew first and a cop second?”

The portrayals in [2] and [3] taken in context, are tantamount to claiming the loyalty of American Jews is first to Israel. This false dual-loyalty assertion has, of course, been a mainstay of historic anti-Jewish prejudice.

[4] The poisoning victim groups Israel, along with Hamas and Syria, as a suspect in his poisoning. The thesis posed here is absurd; if Israel were to poison journalists in order to prevent a harmful media report, it would be poisoning many journalists, since there are numerous well documented instances of anti-Israel bias in news media reports.

[5] The plot was inspired by the recent news story of the polonium poisoning murder of a former Russian KGB agent in London. However, unlike the show’s plot, that actual event had no connection whatsoever with the nation of Israel. The question might be asked of NBC execs: “What is the motive for using a prominent news event — having nothing to do with Jews or Israel — as the basis for a story that seriously disparages Jews and Israel?”

I find it incredulous that NBC would do this.  They are promoting hate-hate of the Jews-the state of Israel, and enabling every so-called Palestinian to harbor resentment of Israel and the Jews.  It is an unfair portrayal of Israel, which has always sought to live in peace.

With the President sending money to the universities in so-called Palestine, where the money ends up being given to individuals that perpetrate and war JIHAD-and it was reported that one of these universities celebrated theCREATOR OF THE SUICIDE BELTin a week long festivities!   We now have the Main Stream Media painting Israel as the villain.

These fools only play right into the terrorists hands, but what is worse, they are so freaking stupid that they do not even realize this.  And true to form, they defend this sort of anti-Semitism and actually believe they have done nothing wrong.

You can read the original article here.Crossposted from The HILL Chronicles

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