Discovery saw a 25% drop in profits in the third quarter, although by anyones yardstick posting a $95 million quarter is hardly a disaster!

That did not stop Discovery from performing a wholesale slaughter of personnel in some of their online activities on Monday. While the exact number of pink slips is unknown it is reported to be about 30. Investigation Discovery, the Military site, and the Science Channel were all decimated.

Thirty jobs lost may not seem like a big deal, but that is thirty people who are now wondering how they are going to pay their mortgage.

The internal rumor mill is that this reduction in staff is actually as a result of acquiring the ‘How Stuff Works’ web site, and these employees will we taking over the responsibilities of the axed  Discovery people.

A good friend of mine, David Lohr was one of the unfortunate casualties in this round of layoff’s. David was the linch-pin of the Investigation Discovery site. He is an outstanding journalist, and to do this to him boggles my mind! When I spoke to him earlier today he was still clearly in a state of shock.

David Lohr does have a very avid, almost rabid fan base, and they are outraged by the Discovery Channel’s action. They have already geared up to let Discovery know exactly what they think by way of a Facebook page, and are encouraging people to send emails to the Viewer Relations department. Incidentally all emails that are received by Viewer Relations are distributed company wide.

I wish we here at BNN had deep pockets, I would employ David Lohr in a heartbeat!

David Lohr is one of the great advocates for missing children, his work on the Caylee Anthony search is a case in point. Unbiased, objective, and always probing, his articles on the case were the ones that people read first. In fact it was because of Caylee Anthony that I came to know David.

David, if you ever need a place to publish, it would be my pleasure to host your articles on Blogger News.

Discovery are making a grave mistake by pink slipping one of the best investigative journalists in the business!

I encourage everyone to use the links above and voice your thoughts, or leave a comment, and I will forward them to Discovery.

Simon Barrett

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