Much internal scuttlebutt has been generated between some of us press types about Kim Picazio recruiting a small army of bloggers to overwhelm the news sites that are still critical of the Haleigh Cummings case. I have heard lots of rumors, even that Ms. Picazio is actually paying people to post pro Crystal comments. How much credibility I give that is a bit of an unknown. Should that be true, she is playing in a very unhealthy pond.

What I am firmly convinced of though, she is actively recruiting her little group. As I am sure Ms P will be reading this, we have put our heads together, and we know who the ringers are! Ms P may know the law, but we know technology. Playing in our sand box makes for an interesting situation.

Yesterday I talked about her recruitment process. I would like to explore this arena some more. A person contacted us, and I would like to share a few more details from the emails and phone calls.

I asked what did Cobra do that was so wrong that she had him fired? Kim said it was because Cobra was f**king things up. How, I asked? Kim said Cobra was going around saying how Crystal was getting high and how bad a parent Crystal was. Kim said she had no choice but to go to John Sheffield and have a talk with him. Kim said she went to John and said look how can I defend your daughter when Cobra’s out there running his mouth about her. She told John to either shut him up or get rid of him. and thats a quote. Ask John Sheffield.

I find it interesting that a ‘family’ lawyer would share so much. But, having talked to Ms Picazio, I can believe the dialog. As an aside, Picazio called me a couple of weeks ago on a fishing expedition. “I don’t know anything about setting up foundations, I was wondering if you could help”. A bigger pile of Bull I cannot think of!

Kim P does have a style of her own. She baits the fishing ground, offering fish heads, and hoping to haul in a large Tuna. Needless to say, I can spot trolling a mile off. Kim P is smart though, she likes to play two scenarios at the same time. Take a look at this:

…then she started in on Crystal. Her own client. Going on about how Crystal wore this flowery shirt for 3 days in a row and how Kim said she gave Crystal $20.00 to go to Dollar General and get a new one. Kim said, frankly I was tired of looking at it. Kim proceeded to go on about how Crystal feels like giving up and and thats there is no hope. Then Kim dropped the bomb. Crystal still don’t get out of bed and take care of herself. To myself, I was like ‘what, thats your own client’. My fingers couldn’t write fast enough. I do feel sorry for Crystal to have your own atty stab you in the back like that and tell people things like this. she don’t even know me. and then Kim asked me to start calling DCF and tell them about Ron. Playing stupid I asked Kim what I was to say. Kim said to tell them about the drugs, fighting and abuse, and that I feel JR is at risk.

See the ‘bait and switch’? Picazio is recruiting, can lawyers legally do that? She certainly has her little group of Picnuts, but I am not sure that she realizes that shutting up the press is a bit like sticking your finger in the dyke to stop the leak. It is not a happening deal.

In another exchange Picazio supposedly said that one of her goals was to “shut down Blogger News”.

Now that kind of talk gets my attention really quickly!

For the most part the press have kept focused on finding the missing girl, Haleigh Cummings is our focus. Not the sideshows that keep popping up. Is Picazio even interested in finding Haleigh? Or is this all just a custody battle for Jr?

Quite frankly, and I am sure I speak for the majority of the press, readers, and family members. We don’t give a damn about the custody battle. What we do give a damn about is Haleigh.

We will be running our regular Internet Radio show on Sunday, please tune in.

I would also like to point out the BNN did not ask this person to become involved with Picazio, we knew nothing about it until after the event. We also offered no money, nor any other form of compensation. However we give great credibility to their comments.

Simon Barrett

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