The Haleigh Cummings case has become somewhat of an obsession to a few of us in the press. This likely has not bought us much credibility nor love from the people involved, the lawyers, and Law Enforcement.

One of the favorite salvos to fire at us in the press is that we pick sides. Yes we do. No finer example would be a book written by my friend Don Bracken Words Of War. Often today the press is somewhat muzzled, in the US it is not by governments, it is by the corporate world, we have to tow the corporate banner. Well that does not work for me.

The ‘New Press’ so we are told is the wold of the blog, Bloggers are not open to corporate pressure. Is that really the case? I think not.

I have to keep this persons identity veiled, although I am sure that Kim Picazio will put two and two together in short order. Just in case you have being living under a large rock for the past several months Kim Picazio is the attorney representing Crystal Sheffield, the biological mother of missing Haleigh Cummings.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Ms Picazio has been trying to play the blogosphere, some even claim that she has a small paid group tasked with trashing Ron and Misty Cummings, and other people that represent a road block in the custody battle for Ronald Jr. I have no idea if that is her agenda, but I do think that her actions are not always quite as innocent as she would have us believe.

BNN gets its fair share of Elvis Sightings, and UFO stories, we leave that for the National Inquirer. When we get credible reports from people we know, we take notice.

For weeks rumors have been circulating about Ms Picazio having this little group of pro-Picazio bloggers. These people are not asked to investigate, just create havoc in the comment sections of various news organizations. I know that we here at BNN have spotted a few. One of our loyal commenter’s sent a long and detailed email to us. For the sake of anonymity lets call him Sam.

Kim Picazio e-mailed me a few weeks back. In the e-mail she acted like it was about finding missing children. She left her phone #s and asked me to call. I was very skeptical about calling. Finally I gave in to my curiosity and called, from the moment Kim found out who I was her mouth never shut up. As soon as she started talking she was defensive. About what? I don’t know, but I was going to find out. Of all the attys I have known, none are that defensive unless their LIEING,HIDING,OR WEAZZLING SOMEONE. I took the bait and went. The phone call was nothing at all about missing kids. If theres anything Ron or Crystal want to know about themselves they can ask me or whoever else may have talked to Kim. It was the same old same old, bashing and trashing Ron. (yes to get the scoop I played along).

Want another sample? Of course you do!

Kim informed me how Peggy from LE in Satsuma was giving her inside information on a case involving Ron, one thats supposedly still active to this day. It has to do with video cameras and a drug dealers house. also pictures were either obtained or looked at (which I’m sure she said obtained) which were taking of the trailer the night Haleigh went missing. Filthy dirty pig sty Kim said. Nothing at all what it looked like when they showed it on TV. Then there were the pictures of Rons knuckles that was taking that night also. Supposedly all information was coming from Peggy. I hope LE would not be that stupid as to give any atty any information regarding any case. But you never know.

Oh there is a lot more to this story, I have shared it with my press friends. At best this is a poor way of finding new buddies, at worst, well I don’t even know where to start. While I have no absolute proof yet that these phone calls occurred, I give great credibility to my source. Oh, and this does not even touch on the story, wait and see what Ms. Picazio has to say about some other folks involved!

Simon Barrett

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