As many news outlets have reported about a month ago concerning the Viacom and DirecTV dispute (now resolved, sort of), it seemed that things could have been looking up again for the cable satellite provider. However, DirecTV had some not-so-good news to share recently. For the first time ever, the company announced a drop that numbered 52.000 U.S. subscribers between April and June of this year.

According to, the subscriptions in the United States account for 78% of all revenue for the company. Though there have been other reports of a booming subscriptions in Latin America, users there pay less for the service. The website also makes the reminder that the second quarter usually brings about a drop due to seasonal factors.

However, this loss does not reflect the activity from the second quarter of last year, where 26,000 people ended up subscribing, not dropping, the service.

In spite of the drop, there doesn’t seem to be a large cause for concern for the company, many are expecting that subscriptions should pick up as the year progresses.

In contrast to the belief of some, the drop has nothing to do with the Viacom dispute, which caused millions of DirecTV subscribers to lose Viacom channels, many of which are very popular in the country. That dispute occurred in the middle of July, and this report only accounts up to the end of June.

With the start of the NFL season coming up, DirecTV will probably experience a raise thanks to the very popular NFL Sunday Ticket package.

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