I was given a bunch of DirecTv stuff, a cable box, and three other boxes that I have no clue what they might do.

I had no use for the equipment so called DirecTV, of course that plan did not work. I had no interest in staying on hold for an hour waiting for some bozo to talk to me.

My next plan was just to send an email, but that didn’t work, apparently you need to be a customer to email these people.

The final approach was to ‘chat’ with a customer support rep online. Even to do this, I was forced to create an email account with DirecTv.

Here is the hoot. I finally got to talk to a Customer Rep, I explained that I had all of these boxes and wanted to get rid of them.

The response was “put them in the trash”.

They were not interested in getting their equipment back. I have not bothered to check if the ‘simm card’ in the set top box is still there as I really don’t give a damn.

One thing is clear, DirecTV make their money from the monthly fees, and not the hardware.
I still wonder how many DirecTV boxes and other bits are in landfills? I am pretty certain that a DishTV satellite dish could be converted to a Wok.



The DishTV dish is 18 inches whereas the average home wok is only 14, but who doesn’t need a bigger Wok?

I am still stunned that DirecTV did not want the junk back. The set top box runs Linux so with a bit of effort I maybe can convert it to a door chime, and with no effort at all convert it to a door stop.


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