Dingell berries have threatened a protestor daring to speak at a congressional townhall.  According to Mike Sola, supporters of Rep. Dingell showed up at his house in the middle of the night in reference to the exchange this father had about his son with the Congressman.  The nocturnal altercation was reported to police and Sola vows to defend life and property by any means necessary if the situation calls for it.

Tolerancemongers and Afrosupremacists are plotting to remove Glenn Beck from the airwaves.  A coalition of Black bloggers has convinced Geico to withdraw advertising from this particular afternoon Fox News program.

Beck dared to speculate that Barack Obama might harbor racial antipathy towards Whites in light of the hasty conclusions the President drew regarding the Gate’s altercation.  Perhaps conservatives should respond by pressuring advertisers into dropping notoriously anti-Caucasian Tom Joyner.

Freedom throughout the Western world hangs dangerously in the balance.

The military is recruiting for concentration camp guards.  A classified on the GoArmy.com and National Guard websites is seeking “Internment and Relocation Specialists”.

Naive supporters of the government will claim this is only referring to detention centers set up for America’s terrorist enemies.  I ask you, dear citizen, just exactly who is a terrorist now?  Obama supporters and allies have dropped the term in relation to Islamic militants and instead apply it to citizens confronting legislators and bureaucrats over the inadequacies of the proposed healthcare reforms.

Things don’t look much better off among America’s closest foreign allies either as plans are being drawn up to extinguish liberty in one of the lands that once guarded this precious flame.   British officials are considering mandatory vegetarianism throughout the United Kingdom.

It is claimed such rationing measures would only be implemented in times of national emergency.  However, what is being categorized as national emergencies are simply the ongoing characteristics of the contemporary world such as population growth, high oil prices, and the diverting of food crops into the production of bio-diesel.

One cannot help but ask will these measures also be imposed upon the Royal Family.  But I suppose their protein intake will need to remain high in order to continue their fine tradition of whoremongery and generalized debauchery.

You might end up living in a reeducation camp subsisting on a diet of sawdust and pine needles, but cheer up, imprisoned serf.  Your social betters will likely  continue their lavish lifestyles no matter what deprivations they may decide to inflict upon the common person.

For while Obama castigated corporations for holding conventions in Las Vegas during challenging economic times, some from his side of the political spectrum are meeting in the resort town to attend a conference on the future of alternative energy.  Are you going to tell me Al Gore walked to the meeting and that Bill Clinton in Sin City is as trustworthy as Billy Graham in a booze factory?

President Obama has repeatedly emphasized the need for sacrifice throughout his campaign and now his presidency.  I don’t see much of it among the gang he runs with and it seems it is becoming only an expectation imposed upon those who otherwise strive to make their own way in life.

It is becoming more and more apparent that many of the nation’s elected leaders think more of foreigners with no right to be here than actual fellow Americans.  Congressman Eugene Green of Texas, who opposes the idea of voter ID as a measure to prevent illegals from casting illegitimate ballets, is requiring photo identification for the august privilege of him either blowing smoke up your backside or him sticking it to you (depending upon your perspective) at his healthcare townhall forum.

by Frederick Meekins

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