Digital Society Foundation (DSF) which marked its role in the history of Digital India by celebrating for the first time the “Digital Society Day” in India on October 17, has now set its sight on working in the area of bringing the benefits of the Kyoto Protocol to farmers in India.

Having recognized the need to build a harmonious physical society along with a prosperous digital society, DSF considers it essential for it to undertake activities that can be credited to the digital society but results in perceptible benefits to the physical society.

DSF has noted that in recent times the e-governance projects in India have not necessarily been perceived as beneficial to the people especially in the rural areas. This was reflected in two state governments in south India which could be credited for creditable e-governance projects becoming unpopular with the rural masses.

In order to reduce the perceived digital divide and also contribute to the prosperity of the rural farmers, DSF is undertaking steps to create farmer’s unions which can effectively take advantage of the Kyoto protocol on green house gas emission management and bring cash rewards to the farmers for their positive contribution to environmental health.

DSF is now in the process of establishing a think tank for the purpose and contacting other interested organizations in this regard so that further steps can be taken to educate the farmers and organize them in a manner suitable for harnessing the Kyoto Protocol benefits.


Chairman, Digital Society Foundation

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