No, not die as in croak, die as in “die” (the) Veronica. Actually, it is die Veronica Ferres. No, that’s not right, either. Call her die Ferres. It’s a German thing, you see. Or a German language thing, I should say. If you become a big enough star or diva or whatever it is you become here (it’s almost always women, otherwise it would be “der”), people start referring to you with the “die” in front of your last name.

You know, like die Dietrich, die Knef or die Christiansen? It is some kind of secret coded sugar-coated badge of honor, although it can also be a badge of dishonor, too. It’s complicated. Hey, if it’s German it has to be complicated, that’s just the way the language is.

Anyway, German used-to-be-hot-before-she-started-worrying-about-her-weight actress Veronica Ferres (think Schtonk) is scheduled to enter the die-league this fall with the release of her upcoming made-for-die-German-TV-film “The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie”, or at least that’s what one or maybe even two journalists in Germany think.

It’s a touching story about, uh, something. I forget. But it’s got Checkpoint Charlie in it and die Ferres auch so I’m there, dude. Or maybe I won’t be, it’s hard to say for sure right now.

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