“With ads like that, it’s more likely the call at 3 am is ‘Senator, you just lost another superdelegate.'” – McCain advisor Steve Schmidt on Clinton’s new “3AM ad.”

That quote has nothing to do with this blog post. It’s just damn funny. Now then…

Michigan is always traditionally a battleground state. It’s not one of the big three (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida) but with seventeen electoral votes it’s not a state that either party ever takes for granted (the D’s won it by less than three points in 2004). Right now it’s considered a toss up between the two parties, which is why John McCain needs to get there now.

When I wrote aboot why Mitt Romney would make a good vice-president (one of those reasons was his ties to Michigan) I mentioned exploiting the fact that the D’s care so little aboot the Michigan vote they aren’t even counting them in the primaries. Barack Obama even went as far as to take his name off the ballot, and much like he’s doing in Florida, opposes a re-vote in the state that Hillary Clinton supports. Two recent polls lead me to believe this is something for the McCain campaign to exploit while they still can:

  • Rasmussen Reports has McCain over Obama by one and Clinton by three. Insignificant I know, but a lead is a lead.
  • Quinnipiac has McCain down two against Clinton, but up NINE over Obama in Florida.
  • That’s two behind the candidate who wants the Floridian delegates and nine points ahead of the candidate who doesn’t.That’s why the time to hit Michigan is now. Since both democratic candidates have pledged not to campaign there, McCain can have the state to himself until at least April 22nd. He’s promising a new economic plan in the next week or so, where better to debut it in Michigan? Then take a bus tour of the state (and maybe Ohio, possibly with his new BFF Mitt Romney) discussing the economy, jobs (his plan to work with the community colleges to help retrain displaced workers and find them new employment), and also education.Detroit boasts both some the highest paid teachers of any major metropolitan city…yet also the highest drop out rate. Michigan parents may very well be interested in hearing aboot school choice, merit pay for the good teachers, and different jobs for the bad ones (the democrats are bought and paid for by the teachers unions who oppose all three things). McCain also said something in yesterday’s education speech (largely ignored by the MSM drooling over Obama) that I found interesting:

    We should reward the best of them with merit pay, and encourage teachers who have lost their focus on the children they teach to find another line of work. Schools should compete to be innovative, flexible and student-centered institutions, not safe havens for the uninspired and unaccountable. They should be able to compete for dedicated, effective, character-building teachers, hire them and reward them. I believe we should encourage military veterans to enter the teaching profession, and I’ve advocated the Troops-to-Teachers Act. The sense of heightened responsibility and duty to a cause greater than themselves that veterans were taught in the discipline and code of conduct of the armed forces make many of them excellent candidates to impart those virtues to our children, and help them see the value of learning as a means to self-improvement and much nobler ends. There is no reason on earth that this great country should not possess the best education system in the world. We have let fear of uncertainty, and a view that education’s primary purpose is to protect jobs for teachers and administrators degrade our sense of the possible in America. There is no excuse for it.

    Don’t get me wrong. I quoted two polls before, but I’m not naïve enough to believe they are going to stay that way once the democrats get around to choosing a nominee. That’s why the perfect time to mark our territory in Michigan is now. This is going to be a tough year for the Republicans even who many consider to be the only candidate that had a chance. It’s going to be close, and Michigan’s seventeen electoral votes might make the difference.

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