1,001 pundits will tell you that Erection 2008 is shaping up to be the Experience vs. Change erection. In the red corner, representing experience, you have John McCain and Hillary Clinton. In the blue corner, representing change, you have Barack Obama.

See, you may not know this, but Barack Obama is all about change because America wants change and Obama will bring us change we can believe in and if you say something mean aboot him you are disparaging change and if you question him you are against change and when the Obama’s go to the Industrial clubs they pick up change and CH-CH-CH-CHANGES (turn to face the strange) CH-CH-Changes…I digress.

The implication behind change is that he’s going to change the way Washington does business…reach across the isle and put an end to the petty bickering behind the R’s and the D’s. What makes this maddening for McCain supporters (I’m sure Clinton supporters too) is that Obama has no experience or history in doing so. McCain regulary reaches across to isle to the detriment of his standing with “the base,” and look no further than Hillary Clinton working with NEWT GINGRICH of all people on health care reform (the same Newt who had her husband impeached). As for Obama, I give you David Brooks, token conservative for the New York Times (Bill Kristol is more of a quota hire), from Tuesday…

To read the rest, go to: http://pc-live.tv/2008/02/19/did-you-know-barack-obama-stands-for-change/

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