According to Fox News, Brian Welsh, a Democratic adviser and Political Advisor, said his parked 1996 Audi “may have” been blown up by someone on July 23

The story states, “Welsh said his Audi convertible exploded into flames around 11:15 p.m. July 23, a Thursday, while he and his wife were walking their dog nearby.” 

“He said he “became suspicious” after reviewing surveillance tapes of the street where his car was parked.”

A local news channel appeared to have picked up the story, but it didn’t get national attention until a candidate he was advising got arrested for domestic abuse on Saturday.

Welsh, not getting any national attention on the event, purportedly then posted fuzzy security tapes on YouTube of a person in a white shirt loitering around his car and apparently getting into it shortly before the car explodes in a ball of flames.  If the video is posted, I wasn’t able to find it. But even that effort didn’t seem to bring him any attention.

Interestingly, Welsh’s car was reported to be parked Wednesday in the same spot where it caught on fire, on a little-used street near the New Orleans convention center.  Why would anyone leave a burned out car on the street for a week?  To get attention?

What I find most interesting is the way Welsh talks about it.  He is quoted as saying, he “feared someone caused the explosion.”  Okay.  Right.  Well, cars don’t spontaneously erupt very often.  I admit that I had a car that started on fire once, but the fire came from the engine, not the inside passenger area, and it had to do with a gas leak that we were aware of prior to the fire.  And there was no explosion.  So, MOST LIKELY, yes, someone caused his car to explode.

“Maybe there is a reason, more of an intentional reason for the car blowing up,” Welsh said. “I want to get more facts,” he is quoted as saying. “Clearly, if someone tried to blow up my car, it’s cause for concern; it’s not cause for me to stop doing my job, stop me from talking about the things that are important,” Welsh said.

 “Maybe,” “if, “May have,” “became suspicious”…what’s all the couching about? 

 It’s this last sentence that really struck me, because I was already thinking by this point that he’d set up the fire himself, to try to get attention to his ho-hum campaign.  So I was thinking – Well, would someone be willing to blow up their own convertible for attention?  They’d be out a nice car…”  Then I read that he said, “I really wish this had not happened,” Welsh, 38, said. “I need a car.”

And I thought – How emotionless.  How lame.  This sounds so much like a person that set it up himself.  And if he didn’t, then he’s kind of out of touch and not a very good communicator.  Certainly NOT a person I’d want running a campaign.  Another interesting note; I couldn’t find him anywhere when googling his name.  If he is a campaign advisor, he hasn’t been in the business for too long.

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