There are less reputable sites that might go with the title “Romney Steps On His Richard,” but I think that is a little crude. Besides I doubt that his appendage is long enough to step on. Even Mitt’s bullet proof Mormon underwear won’t protect him from what comes out of his mouth. Despite the specialized underwear, he does seem to have a great aptitude for trying to perform this physically unlikely event.

I have to admit that at the age of 7 I had an unfortunate experience with a Zipper, it certainly brought tears to my eyes! There was a similar amount of tears when the solution was to un-zip the issue. It was 50 years ago, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I wonder if Romney will remember this event if he lives another fifty years.

Considering that Mitt Romney is using the argument that he is the ideal person to lead the country out of our current woes, because of his vast experience in business, I find it surprising that he continues to stumble from crisis to crisis. This is hardly the actions of a seasoned CEO. It signifies a lack of commitment to whatever his position is. It also raises a question of whether Romney has one position for the general public and another behind closed doors.  Only time will tell.

Successful business deals are made by successful businessmen who know how to keep their feet out of their mouth and to avoid stepping on valuable appendages! Romney wants, and indeed needs to persuade the electorate that he has a clear economic, social and foreign policy. However, he never seems to get around to these issues, instead he is too busy digging his way out of his latest crisis. So far his campaign has been to attack Obama’s record without ever clearly exposing what he will do. A lesson he learned from his CEO experience, never let anyone know what you are doing until after you do it.

I have to admit that I do find an element of humor in the entire soap opera. However I also am slightly concerned. I ask myself, what will happen if he does win? It is one thing to step on your delicate bit as a candidate, it is an entirely different issue to do this on a global scale. It is also one thing to win an election by attacking the other side while never clearly expressing your own policies.  Does anyone really know what Romney believes in. He shake-shifts his political viewpoints faster than a werewolf being pursued by blood hounds.

It hasn’t happened yet, but it is only a matter of time before something like this will occur…

Some of my best friends are poor!

(I cannot take credit for this one, but it certainly seems like a Romney comment)

The Middle East is a tinder box.  No, a roman candle. One false move and it will be another war. China is also a challenge, a different challenge, one that involves economics and diplomacy, rather that Rocket Propelled Grenades, but make no mistake, it is just as serious as the Middle East. Russia is moving back to fascism and nationalism. Then, there is the European Union. While they claim to be our friends, they are dragging us down a failed economic path that could contribute to more wars and internal revolutions. It would not take much to upset the world’s apple cart in this worldwide economic downturn and climate of fractious religious fervor.

Can Romney deal on a global level and also fix our own economic woes without further damaging his appendage? How many more mistakes can Romney make and still win the upcoming election? Does he have a chance in the upcoming debates? How will the 47% react to Romney if he doesn’t find a way to successfully communicate his message to them? All this and more on Barling & Barrett, this Sunday. Don’t be late. The fireworks will be starting early.
Simon Barrett

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