I should think not! For God’s sake I am still not over the shock of this article that I read today about Jessica Simpson. The girl did nothing wrong as far as I can tell. According to myfoxphilly.com a TMZ,com video crew approached her and asked her if she was going to ask for the expensive gift that she gave her former boyfriend Tony Romo back. Reports are that she bought Romo a $100,000 boat for his birthday.

US Magazine reports that Simpson’s response was “Hey, I’m not an Indian giver!”

Now rumor has it that her statement could be considered a racial stereotype because it implies a misconception about honesty. A few of the Native Americans are a bit upset over her saying this. It is reported from hollyscoop.com that once TMZ published what she said people began commenting saying things such as “I am shocked she said that. I didn’t know people still said that.” Comments made on TMZ’s forum were like “She will be apologizing… there is an outrage.”

Another person commented that “I’m a Native American and I cringed when I heard Jessica Simpson comment about us Native Americans. Am I mad? I should be but look at who the comment is coming from.”

Say what? Give me a break. As far back as I can remember that particular phrase has been used anytime someone gives something to someone and then wants to take it back. I can’t begin to tell anyone how many times in my lifetime that I have used that phrase starting out since I was a kid.

Now I am a Cajun but I also am part Indian and I have never thought of that as someone calling an Indian as being dishonest. I honestly do not believe for one minute that Jessica Simpson meant any harm by saying it either.

What is the world coming to? I sure hope they don’t make a big deal out of this. I believe if they do it will be something clearly taken out of context. She shouldn’t be blamed for saying anything wrong, but of course this is just my opinion.

Jan Barrett

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