I am pretty sure that Casey Anthony told a judge at her bankruptcy hearing that there had been no dealings for a book telling her story. Now a man named Rick Namey is claiming that he was working with Anthony and her attorney, Cheney (Mr. Finger) Mason up until the day before the day before she filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in January of 2013.

Namey, who happens to be a longtime friend of Mason, told RadarOnline.com in a tell-all interview that Mason had called him in to work with them (meaning Mason and Anthony) right after her acquittal verdict came through in June 2011. He says he was going to be Anthony’s ghostwriter. He has been sending Mason some free advice over emails and right after the verdict was announced Mason emailed him asking him to come in. Namey claims this is when Mason proposed him to be the ghost writer.

Namey doesn’t think the prosecution did a very good job proving Anthony was guilty without a doubt, but as time went by he realized he didn’t want to be associated with Anthony. “The bottom line is that I couldn’t believe in Casey’s innocence anymore and woke up one day and realized I was on the front line apologist,” Namey told RadarOnline. “In the beginning I signed on saying I didn’t want to write it if I didn’t believe in her not guilty status. And when O asked Cheney about it I got a very curious answer from him. When I asked whether or not he believed she was guilty he said, `I don’t care`.”

Namey said he just didn’t want to be associated with the person that is the most hated woman in America. He said he bailed out the deal and didn’t care how much money was involved in the deal.

Mason claims Anthony is innocent, but come on now what makes him think the world is going to believe what he says anyway. This is the man that was caught on camera flipping off the reporters after the trial was over. He is the one that claims he doesn’t care if she was guilty, he was still going to defend her.


Mason claims he thinks she has a lot of world left to have to deal with and she hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet because she can’t go out. He said she can’t go to a beauty parlor, go shopping, or to a restaurant or even to McDonald’s. The poor girl just can’t go anywhere.

Caylee Marie Anthony

Not once has Mason even considered the fact that little Caylee is the only real one that has suffered from all this. She is the one that lost her life. She is the one that will never be able to go to a beauty parlor, shopping, to a restaurant and not even to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal that so many children love. Caylee is the innocent one here, not her Mom and Cheney Mason may not care if Casey is guilty or not but the people on this earth sure do care.

Rick Namey has been working on a new project now. He is no longer a ghostwriter, in fact he ended up writing his own book labeled as “Casey’s Ghost” and he also is pursuing action against Anthony’s alleged bankruptcy fraud.

Bankruptcy Fraud? Now that got my attention the minute I heard about this so called book deal that they had been working on. You can go here to read what Namey posted on the Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case page on July 16, 2014

Could this mean someone involved is in trouble now? I know lots of people that have followed this case are sure hoping so. Casey Anthony has gotten away with too many things that your average person would have never gotten away with. She has gotten more breaks than she deserves. I hope she doesn’t get away with this. If all this is true and I would believe this guy Namey over Mason any day and nothing is done to her about it, then I am sure the public will become outraged once again over her. She would be better off leaving this country because she will never be forgiven.

Demand justice for little Caylee Marie Anthony!!!!

Jan Barrett

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