Will the battle ever end between Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards?  They have been battling out over child custody since April 2006. In her latest stunt she has come out with a voicemail with a curse filled rant from Sheen from 3 years ago.

Richards released this voicemail to the public Wednesday. Sheen has made a public apology for his bad choice of words to all that may have been offended, especially to Tony Todd, an African American that was Sheen’s best man at his first two weddings.

The voice mail that Richards made public on Wednesday with the rant from Sheen in a call to his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters Sam, 4 and Lola, 3, with words used such as f***ing c**t and a f***ing n****r.

Apparently Richards claims that Sheen tried to take back necklaces that he gave them to wear at his recent wedding to Brooke Mueller. When the girls nanny told Richards they had to return the necklaces she asked weren’t they a gift. The nanny told her they were but they can only wear them at his house. Richards told TV Guide that she said, “Have him call his lawyer then, cause I am not gonna tell a 3 and 4 year old, You have to give back the necklaces Daddy gave you and only wear them at Daddy’s house”  She went on to say. “Now I know this sounds f****ing crazy, but this is what I have to deal with.”

Stan Rosenfield, Charlie Sheen’s publicist, told ABC News.com that the necklace allegation is not true but declined to elaborate further.

The marriage between Sheen and Richards officially ended in November of 2006. It has become public knowledge because of Richards bitterness towards Sheen and her continuous attacks on Sheen every chance she gets. This latest stunt of hers could make people consider her the most evil woman in show business.

Jan Barrett

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