I have worked with immigrants and refugees from all over the world for many years. What I learned is that Islamic terrorists have been forming groups for a long time all over the world as they terrorized peoples of peaceful areas who did not conform to their ideology. They have been forcing people young and old to either accept their ways or suffer the consequences. These groups have been well financed and especially well armed in many cases. Muslims exist peacefully in many nations without malice for others as their religious principles dictate. These fanatical factions however have corrupted others by fear and have been teaching young children to blindly follow their lead. For many years in the Philippines, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and most Arab countries (especially among the impoverished) hate for Americans has been taught and death for all “infidels”has been promoted. Just as Christians have been waiting for the rapture and Jews have been waiting for the coming of Elijah the prophet, the radical Islamic factions have been waiting to eradicate all but the “true believers”.

The bombings of the terrorists culminating in the destruction of the World Trade Center and Pentagon awakened the sleeping giant of American desire to protect our freedom. The actions of the United States in declaring war on terrorism has not created terrorists. To the contrary, it has aroused the nests of terrorists, it has exposed many festering areas that already existed. It has forced those who wish to do us harm to raise their heads and perhaps prematurely to do their evil deeds. Pockets of terrorists have lived in the free world as we trusted them while they became educated and plotted their attacks. What president Bush has done is to force the world to deal with terrorism wherever it is before it forcefully and subliminally knocks on our back door again. We of the free world are a good and trusting people which makes it hard to accept the fact that there are millions of people who have been subverted into thinking that they must kill us. Bush and our military are doing the best they can to deal with it. We all must help by supporting them and helping those who wish to destroy us to understand that they are on the wrong mission. It is a tough job. Our president and our military have accepted it, I don’t have the answers. Does anyone?

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