According to Deputy Chief Pat Gannon, two children, both females ages 1 and 5 were found by relatives unconscious and not breathing at a residence in the 900 block of West 5th Street in South Los Angeles. They were found in the bathroom of a small garage that had been converted into a residence.

The girls were rushed to California Hospital Medical Center and it is said that they are both in extremely critical condition.

A neighbor claims he heard when the children’s father came home from the grocery store as he learned of the news. He was screaming, “My babies, my babies!”

The Los Angeles Police suspect that the mother of the two girls had tried to drown the girls in a bathtub, Wednesday morning. She has been taken into custody but she has now been booked yet. Gannon said, “It seems that the mother snapped.”

I would think she did more than just snap. My God what is this world coming to? I just don’t understand how a mother could possibly harm their own child. What on earth could have made this woman snap to make her try to drown her children?

A neighbor said the mother appeared to be severely depressed and possibly suicidal. “She was asking for psychological help but she didn’t receive it. It’s a sad story. It’s a sad ending. She needs help,” said the neighbor.

I pray these children survive this without any side effects. I also hope and pray to God that this mother is not allowed to be around these kids again and that she gets some help before she attempts to try this again. I pray another innocent child doesn’t have to pay the price with its life just because our system has a low budget.

Jan Barrett

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