Dick Clark died yesterday and because of him millions of Americans share a plethora of memories. I listened to him on the radio and watched American Bandstand for years. I’m not sure but I feel like I was on the show. If I would have seen him on the street I could easily have mistaken him for family and expected him to know me. Dick not only lived his dream but made the dream of many others a reality. The accolades will probably go on for a long time, and deservedly so. Dick survived major legal problems in the sixties that brought down many others in the broadcast industry. He not only survived but exceeded his own expectations.

An entrepreneurial genius, Dick exemplified the success of the free enterprise system and how any individual with drive and creativity can succeed. This should be a lesson to our youth today who are constantly being bludgeoned with meritocracy and nanny state mentality. He loved paying taxes and he loved encouraging others to succeed as expressed by House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/18/showbiz/dick-clark-obit/index.htmlyesterday.

Through his show American Bandstand, Dick probably did more to promote integration between blacks and whites in the sixties than anyone without the fanfare or stress of demonstrations and politicking.

Married several times and having undergone the threat of early death from stroke slowed but did not stop him and his ongoing demonstratively clean life, encouraging ways, and friendly smile will last forever in the hearts and minds of many. His dream was a part of my own.

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