Blogging from Phoenix- While watching Vice President Richard Cheney offering the obligatory major media exit interviews the last couple weeks, It becomes difficult not to infer he sounds very much like a man who is not the least bit concerned, he may face criminal prosecution for crimes committed against the United States while in office.
Which begs the question is Dick being so candid about his crimes because he anticipates a pardon or has the Darth Vader of modern American politics traveled so far off the reality reservation in the last few years, He actually believes he can conspire in the torture of women and children and avoid consequences once the rule of law is restored.
Truth be told, it’s a bit unsettling that none of the principle individuals in the current administration, past or present seem bothered by the prospect of what awaits them once the prestigious alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy who currently staff the Justice Department decamp to the political wilderness.

If George Bush intends to dispense a flurry of pardons in the waning hours of his Presidency, as a disciple of the law, much as I despise the man’s politics, fair play compels me to point out such a move would be tactical suicide from a defense attorneys point of view. If George W. pardons the major players, they abdicate the privilege to remain silent at any criminal, civil or congressional hearings where private citizen George Bush is the respondent and the soon to be ex-President will quickly discover, in practical terms the shield of executive privilege expires with the term.

While a couple conservative democrats in the house and senate recently made comments that President Obama’s spirit of reconciliation implies the Justice Department and congress will not pursue the abuses that occurred these last eight years, A quick Google of debate and discussions intended for public consideration between Obama staffers during the campaign clarifies the issue as one of venue not intention. The question was not if they would face justice, but the most prudent course in respect to money, time and resource.

If the current president pardons the majority of his co-conspirators prior to leaving office, it compels the attorneys at justice to seek criminal prosecution of Mr. Bush, but absent immunity, The Justice department and congress can work toward providing a venue that would allow most if not all of the crew from Crawford to avoid prison time by participating in South African style congressional truth and reconciliation tribunals.

That’s my view yours may be different


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