25 Years Later
Diane Downs: Convicted Killer Mom Has Parole Hearing

What the Parole Board Said

Diane Downs, the sociopath mom who shot her three children, was denied parole yesterday by the state of Oregon.

The Oregon state parole board deliberated two hours yesterday after 53-yr-old Downs answered questions via closed-circuit television from Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, California.

Diane Downs was convicted in July of 1984 of murdering her 7-yr-old daughter Cheryl, and the attempted murder of 8-yr-old Christie, and 3-yr-old Danny. Downs received a life sentence, plus 55 years for the use of a firearm used in conjunction of a crime. Downs was up for parole for the first time yesterday. Oregon law mandates that Downs will be eligible for parole every 2 years.

The hearing took almost three hours. Part of the consideration of whether the three member board would grant Downs parole hinged upon whether Downs had accepted responsiblity for her crimes. Downs denied she had shot her children:

“I’m an intelligent woman,” she told the board. “You’ve seen my IQ. It’s three points shy of genius. I’m not a stupid woman. . . . If I wanted to shoot my children . . . there was a whole lot of milk carton kids going around back then. That was the big thing. If someone had wanted to make their children disappear, she’d just have to make them disappear and cry wolf. I took them to the hospital to get help because I wanted them alive.”

Downs also claimed that she had been “married since September of 1981, and that she wouldn’t let her “husband” visit her in prison:

“My foolishness, my narrow-mindedness and Pollyanna (ways) have allowed too many disasters to come into my life for me to allow a hug, a kiss and a soda pop in the visiting room to risk my family.”

How did the parole board respond to these claims?

What did one parole board member say about Downs?

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