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Jammeh in trouble again
demonstrators  vowed to make a
major showdown action!!

By A Concerned Gambian Demonstrator

Dear Editor/Pa Nderry,

I am a bonafide reader of your news online every day. It’s so educational  and well respected. You people truly demonstrate the true principle of journalism. Keep the spirit alive and please you people are our eyes and mouths. You say what we are scared to say so as the people/the whole world will know what’s going on.

Please allow me to make some rectification about the your article:

Breaking News:Stop Press: Pandemonium in the Gambia! Soldier murdered London
corner youth-Protesters went wild!!

The youth that got shot is SHERIFF MINTEH. He is a teenager, a young  striving to help his family at home as he got little sisters and brothers to take care of including his mum. He lost his father and is a single parent. Of course this boy got some elder brothers but he is a very determined youth that’s always there for his younger siblings and his mum.

This incident took place yesterday night at around 8-9pm. These people came to raid those the hustlers(cannabis sellers) and while they were harassing and searching a guy call Badou Saho who was even fresh and clean without even a single pack of weed. While Sheriff was there seeing what was going on, he got scared and ran away.

When he make a run because of fear, a military/Paramilitary/Police Officer decide to chase him around the  neighborhood. When he was caught, he was scolded and he scold the officer back because he was defending his right too. They have NO right to scold him as he was searched and he was not with anything but his mobile phone.

So while they were there, they exchanged some words and the officer pulled a bionet knife and stabbed  him on his ribs as Sheriff shout, he stab him again the second time. Then Sheriff fall down and started to bleed seriously.

The officer got scared and decide to run away. Then an eye witness cry out loud “HE HAS KILLED HIM”, then the bystanders decide to chase the officer to get hold of him. When they caught him and started beating him up but he manage to escape and he was aided by a neighbor and the officer then managed to make a phone call to his team members who managed to come to his rescue and got him away.

After securing the escape of the officer, they came back in full force chasing and harassing every youth they saw outside at around 23hrs. The military came in with two loaded trucks with personels each with an AK-47. They even opened fire on the air as they were trying to disperse the youths.

After the news reaches the youths here at London Corner, they went straight to the newly nominated National Assembly member Sainey Jaiteh to ask for Justice on this issue as its very serious. Sainey asked the youths to calm down and he was very helpful that night but the youths said he was not doing much to see that justice is done to the officer responsible. Sources said this unit that Killed Sheriff were dispatched from Kotu Police Station.

Its sad that this is a victim whose brother and whole family are APRC loyal militants. The brother of the late Sheriff Minteh is Pierre Minteh, working at the KMC who is well known for the crucial roles he played in the regime of the APRC to win them the vote of the people of Serekunda and beyond. He was doing everything possible to see that the officer responsible is bring to Justice but he himself was threatened that he will be beaten up if he did not shut his mouth. He is not scared, he knows that they are just pretending as he knows how to meet up with Mr. President himself.

Today this morning, youths take it to the street, to see that Justice PREVAIL and not delayed. Justice delayed is justices denied. They got hold of a youth who was saying that he aint scared to die but he will talk as what is done is not right and its far too much. At the that juncture, he was hold by the officers while some pulling his rasta hair and others  hitting him with the base of their AK-47’s. He  was seriously beaten up and then they started to roam around the street of Serekunda harassing and beating up helpless youths.

When the youths went once more to their Parliamentarian to lodge their complain as they voted for him in office, he called the military to come clear them away from his house. The Alkali of Serekunda Mr. Seedy Jobe too was adding fire to the issue by asking the personnel to open fire to disperse the crowd, which was not helping at all but making the  youths more angry as their claim is to see that justice is done rather than denied.

The demonstration is still going on and will still go on until we see that Justice is done. This time it won’t be like the issue of April 10. Its another 10th day of May just a month ahead of the previous. What was done the last time won’t repeat itself here where officers are being backed up by the government. We dont know about problems but when it rises, it gets out of hand. Now it is out of hand and I am taking part in the demonstration.

So I gotta go to show my grievance in the issue too because I know Sheriff  personally and everybody from his family too. We are SAD and have NO other way to show it but to demonstrate. You too help us let the whole world know whats going on here in the Gambia. We are living a very hard life here and the regime is so powerful that the mass is suppressed. There is NO freedom of speech and press here. It’s just A DICTATORSHIP. We dont have a President, we have a dictator.

Yours Sincerely,
I prefer not to say my name for SAFETY reasons.

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