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By Sekouba Jadama, A Senior Police Chief At the Police Head Quarters in Banjul.

While Minister Omar Faye’s extra marital sex scandal is yet to laid to rest, another bigger scandal has been un earthen , this time involving Gambia’s Interior Minister Ousman Sonko. A top police chief at the police head quarters in Banjul, in a dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper has finally named the woman police officer Sonko had impregnated. The woman’s name is Bintou Colley, an officer attached to the Police Child Welfare Branch. In this rather disturbing and revealing piece, Minister Sonko has also been accused by his own colleague of luring Malaa Cham, an Immigration officer from Sukuta into abortion after impregnating the lady. Malaa is a nephew to the former Interior Secretary of State  Samba Bah, who according to the concerned police chief was at some point considering filing legal action against his  disgraced successor Ousman Sonko. Thanks to intervention from some quarters, Bah decided to drop the charges. Sonko’s growing sexual activities has been extended to the private with him allegedly luring a Point Newspaper freelance reporter in the person of Njemeh Bah. Ms. Bah according to the senior police chief, who has embarked on a damaging writing series against Sonko and other officials in Jammeh’s government has been absorbed at the GRTS, thanks to Sonko’s behind the scenes moves. Ms.Bah was also said to be residing at Sonko’s home during his recent Taiwan visit. These revelations will no doubt further indict the Jammeh government about the murder of Deyda Hydara. Sonko is capable of planting an informant at the Point to spy at the late Hydara. Below is the full text of Sekouba Jadama’s piece. Please read on…


The former Inspector General of Police and now Secretary of State for the Interior Ousman Sonko, impregnated a Woman Police officer (WPC)  named Bintou Colley. Mr. Editor, I am very sure you can remember sometimes when David Colley the Commissioner of Prisons dismissed some female Officers for bleaching their skins. This story was carried by the Point News Paper and if my memory serves me well, you were the reporter of that issue!  Five of those dismissed were later enlisted by Sonko into the Police and posted to various offices within the headquarters in Banjul.Bintou Colley was attached to the Child welfare Office opposite the CMC’s Office and I believe you knew this office. Sonko began dating this young girl immediately and as I write this piece, she is fully pregnant and Sonko is responsible. Sonko’s first wife was a Prison’s officer her name is Amie Ndong a native from Gunjur of Senegalese fishing parents. When Sonko was appointed as IG, he negotiated with Daba Marena for his wife to be transferred to the NIA from the Prisons which was done. Later when Daba was killed and Harry Sambou took over, they managed for Amie Ndong to proceed for further studies in the UK.

Amie is now studying in the UK and only God knows what on earth she is reading. When Amie Ndong left, Sonko divorced his second wife a very humble Jola lady with whom he have several children. This wife is his close relative from Casamance and now the lady is wondering in the kombos having nowhere to complain. There and then he started dating a young journalist girl with the Point Newspaper called Njemeh Bah. This promising journalist then moved to Sonko’s residence in Kuto whilst Sonko was in Taiwan for an official mission. He promised to marry Njemeh,  but I doubt this very much  and I believe Njemeh should  now know  that Sonko is not a serious man.  I  have been reliably informed that Njemeh is now working with the GRTS Television through Sonko’s efforts.

The young girls in the Police Headquarters will every morning be showing each other SMS text messages Sonko had been sending to them every evening and this used to be a laughing matter in the Headquaters. I can supply his cell phone number if he ever denies this and Gamcel should be able to confirm this!

Since Bintou Colley is waiting for labour by now, I believe it is in the interest of the Nation for Sonko to resign from his post before he is pushed by Jammeh. I am not a journalist, but I believe Public Figures do not have privacy and Sonko is no exception.

To further show Sonko’s love for girls, during his time as IG he has enlisted more 25 girls all of whom have no formal education or had little education and I can bet if there is an emergency around Kanifing and the Paras are called upon, you see more of Sonko’s girls than real Police Officers. Some will tell you I did French in School and  others  will tell you I did not understand English. Some were house maids in the greater Banjul ares!.

Malaa Cham the Immigration Officer from Sukuta who Sonko impregnated earlier, will be shocked to see Bintou Colley carrying Sonko’s Child because Malaa Cham was forced to abort that pregnancy. Malaa is Samba Bah’s nephew, the former SOS for the Interior and former NIA DG and let any one deny this I will mention the Doctor’s name who aborted the pregnancy. Samba Bah at one point wanted to sue Sonko but some people prevailed upon him not to.   Have a good day and enjoy the May day in Banjul!. Sekouba Jadama in Banjul.

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freedom stop liying is not ousman sonko is pa modou sonko who did dat to 5 unamed girls

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