Developing story: UDP officials say Kebba Fatty was detained at an undisclosed location!
By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.
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Sources close to the leadership of the main opposition United Democratic Party has disclosed the arrest of Kebba Fatty, the party’s chief security officer. According to sources, Mr. Fatty was arrested from his Brikama residence on Monday and whisked away to an unknown destination. At the time of filing this story, it could not be verified as to which part of the country Mr. Fatty was being detained. He was arrested by men who identified themselves as state security agents. They did not tell Fatty why he was being arrested at the time of his arrest and his family was not also informed about the reason of his arrest.

However, due to the spate of politically-motivated arrests in the country, many are of the opinion that Fatty’s arrest and subsequent detention may be politically-motivated. Its one of the APRC government’s tactics to intimidate the members of the opposition as well as journalists by arresting, detaining, torturing and subjecting them to excruciating legal battles.

In another development, Mr. Ebrima Solo Marenah, the defeated UDP candidate for Niamina East, was yesterday acquitted and discharged by magistrate Amadou Baldeh of the CRR/LRR Circuit court. Marenah was being tried for a false allegation of violating the Public Order Act by ‘breaching’ the peace shortly after the legislative polls.

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 (Archive on Thursday, May 31, 2007)
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