Mr Devegowda who has been waiting for some pretext or the other to go back on the word given to the people of Karnataka that the coalition Governemnt will have the BJP Chief Minister from October 3rd. Now the results of the local body elections which show an improvement in JD (S) popularity is being held out as the reason to deny BJP the chief minsiter’s post.

 Mr Devegowda should remember that this is nothing but opportunism. The election has no relevance to the JD(S)-BJP deal struck 20 months back in which Gowda had no part. If JD (S) goes back on its agreement, it will show that this is a dishonest party and not worth trusting in public adminsitration.

Ofcourse many may consider this as irrelevant and honesty is no virtue in today’s politics. However, Indin electorate may have a surprise in store for the arrogant politics who think that they can do anything to stay in power.

Mr Kumaraswamy should also remember that part of his popularity has been because he was perceived as different from Deve Gowda. If he now falls in line with Deve gowda, then he will also be considered as part of the political manouvering which Gowda has been doing and will lose the respect he has gained.

I urge BJP not to agree for any compromise and test out the resolve of the electorate on this dishonest behaviour of the JD (S) by going for a snap pole.


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