Deve Gowda a former Prime Minister of India is the head of a political party called JD (Secular) which shares power in the State of karnataka with the Bharatiya Jajata Party (BJP).

In the previous state elections, BJP emerged as the largest party in the stte assembly followed by Congress and JD (S). For some time Congress and JD (S) teamed up together and ran a coalition government under the Congress leader Dharamsingh. The Government was one of the most dormant Governments ever in Karnataka. 20 months back, this coalition Government failed and J D (S) teamed up with BJP to have a coalition Government for 40 months. The arrangement was between Mr Kumaraswamy  (Son of Deve gowda) and BJP leader Yediyurappa. Mr Deve Gowda who carries a false impression about himself as a King Maker was against the tie-up since he considered BJP as a party not worthy of association. He even went to the extent of resigning as the leader of JD(S). Later after being seen as being persuaded by Kumaraswamy, Deve Gowda started taking active interest int he administration and started his back room manipulations.

The agreement between JD(S) lead by Kumaraswamy and BJP was that out of the 40 months remaining in the term of the house, the first 20 months would lead by Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister and the next 20 months would be under the leadership of Yediyurappa.

Now that the time for transfer of Chief Ministership has approached (Dead line is October 3), Mr Deve Gowda has started funny antics to prevent Mr Kumaraswamy from keeping his word and prevent transfer of CM’s post to BJP.

Mr Kumaraswamy who had a decent stint as CM and had gained reputation as one of the better CMs, has also joined the drama and appear to be playing to the tune of Deve Gowda.

It is unfortunate that our politicans like Deve Gowda have no qualms about commitment. The commitment they have given to Yeduyurappa is not merely a commitment to BJP but to the people of Karnataka. If therefore Kumaraswamy yields to the antics of Deve Gowda, he will be a party to the commission of a fraud on the people of Karnataka and hopefully the people of Karnataka will teach the self serving politicians like Deve Gowda, a lesson that he will not forget.


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