It turns out that, in the same year that shrinking student populations have Detroit Public Schools to close 52 schools, they also spent upwards of $1 million on travel, meeting space for conferences and workshops, and catering:

In the past year, the district spent more than $430,000 at local hotels for business gatherings, including $200,000 at the Doubletree Hotel Dearborn. Critics object to the costs, saying the meetings could have been held on school properties to save money.

During the same period, district officials rang up another $240,000 for catering. The tab included $100,000 to an unlicensed Eastpointe business based in the home of a Detroit elementary school principal.

The article goes on to dwell on the travel expenses — To what degree were those expenses justifiable? How other cash-strapped school districts handle travel for conferences and professional development? How much of the $1.3 million came from federal and outside grants vs. how much came out of the general fund? — but I can’t help but feel like the Freep missed the story here: Why was DPS paying $100,000 to an unlicensed Eastpointe catering business located in a school employee’s home?

(Thanks for the tip, Alan!)

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