A happy milestone for the embattled D, which — although still the nation’s cigarette-smokingest and drug-usingist region (not to mention occasional national Murder Capitol and notably overweight) — is evidently the fairest city in Michigan, in terms of rental and real estate sales practices:

Gay and straight couples were dispatched across the state to inquire about rental properties, homes for sale and lending opportunities. The testers found discrimination across the state, Montgomery said.

For instance, a gay couple was quoted a higher rent at an Ypsilanti apartment than the corresponding straight couple. In Battle Creek, a lesbian couple was shown one apartment; the straight couple was shown two and offered $200 off the first month rent as an incentive.

However, discrimination was far lower in Metro Detroit, where just three of the 36 tests revealed discrimination.

Since our Cool Cities initiative to revitalize the state has established that homosexual-friendliness and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand (Cool Cities FAQ, #6: Are you saying we need a (larger) gay community to be cool?), this egalitarian streak speaks well of Motown.

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