Detailed report about Gambia’s National Security meeting on Senegal-Lamarana Jallow says VP Njie Saidy never believe the gov’t claims!

VP With Annan
By Lamarana Jallow, Son of The Gambia.

Dear Editors,

I was busy attending  National Security meetings. We were strategizing ways and means of averting the imminent Security threat coming from Senegal. An intelligence report provided by the NIA suggested that plans were in advance stage to distablize this country. In fact, part of this report was declassified to the Daily Observer for public consumption.  The government is using the Observer to signal Senegal. From the President, the Vice President down to his cabinet are all worried about what might happened in days to come. We are living in uncertainty and confusion. My busy schedules could not allow me to respond to Amadou Lowe, my former little boy. Since he have formally apologized to your readership, I have decided to let bye gone be bygones. Lowe took the wise move to apologize to the Freedom Newspaper. I have a special file on him and if released on line it might interest the US authorities. My former school mate must have been properly advised by Bakary Darboe to prevail on you guys to halt your writings. It’s all good. The bigger picture is Yahya Jammeh.

Today, I will disclose plans hatched to destabilize Casamance by the Jammeh government. During our National Security Meeting. It was agreed that MFDC rebels loyal to Salif Sarjo should be given free access to the Gambian soil and should work  “hand in hand” with various security agencies in the country-most importantly the intelligence community. Thanks to our meeting, we were told that Sarjo was in constant touch with President Jammeh. Salifu accompanied by his men visited the President at his Kanilai palace, where they agreed to tackle the “Jakai” rebel faction allegedly backed by the Wade government. The National Security meeting touches on an imminent security threat about to hit this country. The Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy openly condemned the Senegalese government. She however warns against the government issuing a statement openly for diplomatic reasons, while citing the security implications of such an action. We then decided to declassify the report submitted by our men on the ground in Dakar. Part of this report was given to the Daily Observer for publication. Saja Taal and his editorial team dared turn down the report because it was an executive directive.

The NIA report indicated that the attackers led by Sana B Sabally, Ndure Cham, Major Bajinka, kukoi, some Civilians and the Jakai rebel faction have targeted strategic locations to launch their attack. Confused by the report, the President had asked us to redeploy our men along the border. I was for the past couple of days assigned to cover the operations going along the border. These soldiers are armed to the teeth. There logistics and immediate needs are being provided by the President. For Security reasons, it was agreed that the President should strategize his movements. He spends few days in Kanilai. He also frequently changes rooms.

The Senegalese government should open  its eyes, as the Jammeh government too is keen at avenging the so called plans hatched to destabilize the Gambia. No one here believe the government story. It’s acting on suspicion and panic to make such allegations. Even the Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy confided to me in private that she does not believe what the NIA reported. She believes that the whole issue was a ploy to get dissidents extradited to the Gambia. The VP and I found it very difficult to believe this “Jakai” story. Thanks to VP and my humble self no official statement would be issued in relation to the so called security threat. Jammeh should not make the mistake to  summon us for a meeting, because of  what I reported here at Freedom. Next time I come online, I will publish the transcribed version of our National Security Meeting. Time is running our for Jammeh. We will ensure that the Wade government receive a copy of the agency’s report

As I file this report, travelers coming from Casamance are being harassed by our men. They searched their belongings and all  vehicles crossing to the Gambia. Committers are delayed for hours. In some instances, travelers without proper identification papers are detained at Sibarnoor and Kalagi. I witnessed some of the travelers being physically harassed by the armed soldiers.

The Senegalese government should not be surprised if Salifu Sarjo and his men are given training space in the Gambia. Already, they are in the good books of the President. The President believes that this is a war against his tribe men and he should chip in to help Sarjo and co.

Most of the injured MFDC rebels are admitted at the President’s father’s hospital in Buiwam. These rebels received “free treatment” and feeding from the Gambian government. Once they recovered from their hospital bed, the first thing they thought of is to visit Jammeh at Kanilai to thank him before re-joining their colleagues into the bush. The Casamance war interest Jammeh on many folds. His stake on Casamance is driven by tribal line and nothing else. He is no longer hiding his support for the MFDC.

Sometime  last year, the Iranian government supplied us some arms. Some of these arms might as well found its way to  Sarjo’s group. Jammeh is a criminal. He is hell bent on fanning the Casamance decade long war. There are sufficient evidence to indict him for war crimes. Some of the security agencies dared arrest MFDC rebels loitering in the Gambia. That means losing one’s job.

During a visit to the Daily Observer, I met Saja Taal. We had a very interesting conversation. As a matter of fact, I taped the conversation I had with my good friend. His views on the Casamance/Gambia crisis was loud and clear. Taal told me that his “hands were tied” to allow what was published on the Observer. “The order is coming from the State House. If you speak against it, they would labeled you as an enemy of the state. There is this small boy called Ebrima JT Kujabi  he don‘t want to see me here at the Observer. He lied against me on numerous occasions to the President. He just don‘t like me. I can father this boy. He cannot even write a simple press release. He uses our stories to fill the state house website. At least, Mam Sait was far better than this chap. He calls here trying to give me orders. I only listen to SOS Gaye, the President and no one else. ” Taal jokingly told Lamarana.

Thanks to Taal I was informed about the Agency’s interest to mount attacks against Wade’s government through the Observer Medium. Taal and I later drove to a pub in Sere-Kunda after close of business, where we continued our conversation. It was a nice encounter so to speak. He opposes the government’s propaganda to smear the image of Senegal. Taal is not getting money from the Observer as many people might think. He receives less money.

As an insider at the State House, I kept track of the people who visit’s the President on a daily basis. Due to my position at the State House, any information I need  from Taal or any official in government I  can access it. Taal might be very worried to read our encounter online, but I cannot help it. I spend the weekend in Kailai. I would be back in the office Monday. I will keep your readership posted about developments. Abaraka, Bandirabeh. Hawkundenalah, Heckawelayeh.

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