There is sad news on I-69 today. Despite years of citizen opposition and comment against I-69, Governor Mitch Daniels and INDOT are beginning the destruction of homes and farmland in Southwest Indiana.

The homes being destroyed are in the 2 miles north of I-64. Land and homes were purchased by InDOT last summer.

On March 10th Thomas Tokarski went to the site to photograph the homes scheduled for demolition and was accosted by State Police. He was thoroughly interrogated, and his person and car were searched. This was for a perfectly legal activity, photographing homes while he was standing on a public roadway. These are homes that are to be demolished in a few days. Governor Daniels goes all over Indiana taking credit for every positive thing that happens, but he won’t stand in front of the homes and take responsibility for having them destroyed.

Nearly 400 hundred Hoosier homes will be demolished in order to build the I-69 NAFTA highway.

The bulldozing of homes is acceptable to Governor Daniels, but photographing those same homes, apparently is not. We need to stop this now. Four homes are lost but hundreds are left to be saved.

While it is terribly discouraging that the first 2 miles have been lost, we must reenergize our efforts. Our Tier One NEPA lawsuit was denied, but there are other legal challenges ahead.

The cost of I-69 continues to increase–now up to $4 billion–and if it is ever to be completed, it will likely be a private toll road. If we are to stop this debacle we must all speak up NOW! The message is clear: No new I-69! No Private Toll Roads! Call Governor Daniels* media people today:

Jane Jankowski, 317-232-1622,
Brad Rateike, 317-232-1800,

Check out this video: 169 Coverage

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