My guest today is Author and Teacher Sam Moffie. I have lost count of how many books he has written, but I have enjoyed every single one of them. Many authors get mired in a single subject, Sam does not, you never know what to expect next. He is also a colorful character, so I am excited to have him as my first guest. The rules of the game are simple, if you were stranded on a desert island, possibly for years what are the 8 songs you would like to take along as your companion?

Sam: My first choice would be American Pie by Don McLean

American Pie has baffled listeners since it was released. I saw it played live in the mid 70’s. Don Mclean has never given up his secrets, some are easy to guess others are more elusive. So why did you select American Pie?

Sam: Well the long version will certainly help make the time pass by better. To me the lyrics are all about a slice of American Pie. History interwoven with Rock/Folk history.  I would also try my best at adding a stanza or two from when the song ends in the 70’s right up through now.

What a great idea, you would make the song even more complex than it already is?

Sam: I would try Simon, I would try. Is it that complex or do we want it to be? I think it’s a very simple song if you understand American History from 1949-1972, Rock and Folk Music from the same time period and have faith in God above. It is a 8 and a half minute history lesson of epic proportions.

Like A Rolling Stone was your next choice.

A classic song, one of resentment. Of course that likely is what you need if stranded on a desert island. The question I have is why would you select this song?

Sam: Another long song to help pass the time.  I just love the opening music. Of course it is all about Dylan, Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol. Lots of images to toss and turn on those lonely nights. It also ties in with the Jester from American Pie. These two I would listen to back to back all the time. It’s a song about loss of innocence which would happen if I was stranded on a deserted island with only the modern convenience of 8 songs.

Your third choice was the 1812 Overture

Oh whats not to love, it is drama on steroids. I have to admit that I was wondering if you might dip into classical music. I have to admit that I would also follow the same basic choice. Classical music has so much to offer, so much to think about. Why this choice?

Sam: Need something loud to attract the searching planes and ships to hear me by! Also when doing the manual labor I need motivation. This song motivates me. Its also a warning song. The French are coming and I better be prepared… but in my case it could be a storms a coming and I better have shelter.

Next on the list is A Little help From My Friends (Joe Cocker version)

Why the Joe Cocker version?

Sam: Joe Cocker’s version from Woodstock!  It has always been a favorite. I will have new friends on a deserted island-loneliness, time, sand, survival….. It would also serve to remind me that my true friends like you, Mannie, Bill and Peter would be looking for me, but that Dr. Gary wouldn’t be.

That’s Amore was your next selection

Dean Martin at his finest. I am not sure that I could stand to listen to it for years, but you obviously selected it for a reason?

Sam: Short, sweet and sappy for when something good happens on the island. Hey, I caught a fish to eat! Of course it means Love in Italian, and I might just fall in love being alone away from all that is wrong in the world.

Down by the River was the next choice.

I like Neil Young, but I like him better with Crosby. Stills, Nash and Young.

Sam: This is when I have found some organic veggie that I have smoked and got high off. This is a song I always enjoyed stoned more than any other. I too, love Young with CSN. The version I would pick is the one they did at a live concert. This song is about blowing you relationship with your chick. In my case it would be about blowing my relationship with mankind. Learning how to live alone isn’t something I would relish, but out of necessity I would have to. I am a survivor.

Our tastes in music are similar you selected Sounds of Silence.

What a great choice, Hello darkness my old friend. Simon and Garfunkel are wonderful. Art had the voice, Paul had the guitar.

Sam: I’m going to get depressed. This is my depression song.

I guess I can see the reason, but why not pick The Boxer? A sound of fight rather than defeat?

Sam: I won’t be defeated!!! I will survive. But the song is about not communicating. So it makes the most sense of all the songs I have chosen.

Your final track gave me pause for thought When the Musics Over.

Jim Morrison and the Doors what a classic character. Like so many musicians of his era he seemed to be hell bent on self destruction. I just ran a very unfair experiment on my wife. Pick two Doors songs. When The Musics Over was not on the list. It is a slightly depressing song, a theme that I have heard more than once. I wonder why you would pick this song out of the Morrison catalog?

Sam: Next to rolling stone, this song’s opening music knocks me over. I will play this when I am in my darker mood – say when I have to stalk prey.

Would it be fair to say that your choice is mostly made out of hope rather than desperation?

Sam: Yes it would. I wouldn’t put on leather pants and call myself the lizard man though.

Remember Simon a line in the song is Music is your special friend and I only have 8 songs to remind me of that.

I want to thank Sam Moffie, I think music reveals a lot about a person. I can also recommend his books,

Simon Barrett

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