King County Washington-  Sheriff Deputy Paul Schene is in a bit of trouble. He is caught on video beating up a 15 year old girl who was accused of stealing her parents car. Schene has with the King County Sheriff’s Department for eight years. King County sheriffs office has a problem with deputies using excessive force on prisoners in the past.

The girl was arrested for taking her parents car. A deputy had seen the car driving at 3:45am with no headlights. She and another young girl were arrested and taken to SeaTac City Hall for fingerprints. In the video it shows them placing her in a holding cell. Then it appears they asked her to remove her shoes and she did kicking the shoes towards them through the door. Then you see Deputy Schene coming at her in a fury.  He then threw her against the wall head first  and down to the floor then he got on top of her and started pummeling her with his right hand. It looks like the punches were landing to her head but its hard to tell because he is on top of her.

Schene claims the girl was “real lippy” and called them “fat pigs”. That cop is a threat to anyone he encounters. They need to yank his badge and let him go. To bad he would be free to roam the streets that much anger and rage in a person is not healthy ,he could spin the earth on its axis in the other direction. That deputy is a danger not only to himself but anyone who looks at him cross. That girl shouldn’t of stolen her folks car or been out joy riding at 4:00am either. But there is no excuse on this earth to justify that cop beating her like he did. She is a child. She did not kill anyone or rob any bank. She did not molest a child or blow up anything. She took her parents car joy riding. That’s it. And called the anger filled cop a pig. That’s all.

I hope her parents hold the sheriff’s office liable for this. They need to take this as far as they can and make sure this deputy is fully punished and aware that he and no one else on that force is allowed to do this ever again to anyone else. I thought we grew out of the days of beating the crud out of criminals especially young girls. That cop needs some serious counseling. I can understand that it gets stressful being an officer of the law. Especially in times like these. But that man needs to know when to draw the line and not let a kid get the best of him. I hope this has a lasting effect on that kid. Police officers are not nice and they don’t like to be called names or people who steal cars. I hope this made an impression that staying straight and flying right is the way to go. If she walks away with anything but fear and bruises its that crime doesn’t pay. I am not condoning or excusing deputy Schene’s actions. I just would love to see this girl turn around and be able to look at that cop some day and know that she overcame not only him and his abuse but anything else that stood in her way!

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