In a statement released yesterday Kucinich has stated that he will not be actively campaigning in Florida or Louisiana. In what can only be described as a long winded whine he explains that he doesn’t have the tens of millions of dollars to play in the big leagues. “The primary focus right now is New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary where our support is significant and growing. And, we are moving ahead with additional plans leading up to ‘Super Tuesday’ on February 5.”

Kucinich has never been a serious contender, so it is doubtful that this latest move will have any effect whatsoever of the eventual outcome.

Not even his own party seems to take his bid seriously. He was excluded from two televised Presidential debates and also a number of Democratic Party events that have been held recently in Iowa. The whining ramble continues:

This unfair treatment began with a debate sponsored by AARP, an opponent of the single-payer, not-for-profit health plan that Kucinich proposes. Most recently, he was excluded from a nationally broadcast debate there, while, inexplicably, non-candidate Alan Keyes was included in the Republican debate.

He also goes to great pains to explain that while the rest of the gang are out playing in Iowa and New Hampshire he is hard at work in Washington. He only campaigns when the house is not in session. Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd all missed this week’s vote on an additional $70 billion war-funding measure.

My guess is that before we are all very much older he will withdraw altogether.

Simon Barrett

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