I read the news and see that the Democratic majority has totally bought into President Obama’s vision of Utopia; a United States that needs to be remade into a country that is less of a threat to our enemies and more acceptable to European Socialists. This is not a paranoid delusion or a flight of fancy or an observation without a basis. They (the president and Congress) are intent on emulating the failed British and Canadian healthcare systems; they will happily destroy our economy and the nation’s productivity in the name of that sham called global warming; they are doing everything they can to strengthen unions by taking away the choice of workers who believe that people should be judged on their performance as individuals rather than on their seniority; they refuse to call terrorists, terrorists and have started giving our enemies the same legal and Constitutional rights as U.S. citizens, they have demoralized the military by putting the safety of the enemy (and world opinion) above the safety of our troops and making “diversity” superior to safety and common sense; and, as you know if you read, watch or listen to the news, the litany of governmental malfeasance goes on and on and on.

The realization that these destroyers are the majority in the US Legislature and, as the majority, they can do almost anything they want added to the fact that they are apparently more devoted to the president’s “vision” and to their mission to “remake” America than they are to the Constitution or the American people, has demoralized many Americans — including this one. If you are one of these demoralized Americans — lets get over it!

Let’s get over it — we’re winning!

It started in New Jersey when Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine lost his reelection bid to Republican Chris Christie and simultaneously in the Virginia governor’s race when Republican Bob McDonnell scored a resounding victory over Democrat Creigh Deeds. It continues as Obama’s popularity in every poll is lower than it ever had been; and continues with the public backlash over the obscenity of civil trials for terrorists and over the stupidity of Gen. George Casey, the Army Chief of Staff who feels that losing diversity in the military would be a bigger loss than the loss of life by a terrorist.

Unless the president and the Democratic majority do a complete turnaround and begin acting like responsible Americans who understand and buy into American Exceptionalism, it will continue. It will continue in November of 2010 and then in 2012 it will finally unseat the Obomination in the White House.

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